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Toph announced for Nickelodeon All Star Brawl
  • 1,886
  • 15
Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Aang and Korra announcement, Ludosity, GameMill, and Fair Play Games revealed the last character in the Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl launch roster, Toph Beifong.
VGBootcamp Announces the Smash World Tour
  • 2,235
  • 4
VGBootcamp just made quite possibly the biggest move the Smash community has ever seen.
EVO 2020 Lineup Announced
  • 1,654
  • 4
Joey Cuellar and Mike Ross announced this year's EVO lineup, featuring some shocking omissions and an astounding throwback.
Interviews From EVO: "What Does EVO Mean To You?"
  • 1,575
  • 2
Blackimar put some time aside at EVO to ask a few people about their fighting game histories and their thoughts on the event. Do these interviewees spell out the true meaning of EVO? Only one way to find out.
5 Takeaways From EVO 2019 Entrant Numbers
  • 2,084
  • 1
EVO is finally upon us once more, and it's looking like this one is gonna be the biggest and craziest by far. Get in the EVO spirit, as we decipher what EVO 2019's entrant numbers say about the state of the FGC.
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