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VGBootcamp Announces the Smash World Tour

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It’s no secret that the Smash community could use some more money. This is a common sentiment shared by the community, as well as those outside of it. Community figureheads have often turned to Nintendo with open palms for a solution to this issue to no avail. Realizing this, the folks at VGBootcamp announced a resolution to this problem with the Smash World Tour.

This circuit, which includes events in the United States, Japan, Mexico, France, etc. is made up of 25+ Smash Ultimate and/or Melee events where players will compete for $250,000+ in prize money and championship points. These events range in ranking from Platinum, Gold, and Silver, with Platinum events being worth the most championship points and Silver events being worth the least. At the end of this ten month long season in December, the 31 players with the highest amount of points, will battle it out at the 32 man tour championships, with the last spot being determined via last chance qualifier at the event itself. These point totals will be determined by adding up a player’s top 3 platinum, top 3 gold, and top 6 silver event scores

Those familiar with other tours in the fgc such as the Tekken World Tour should recognize the format, as it’s more or less the same as their Masters, Challengers, and Dojo event system. Considering all the hype that tour drums up for the Tekken community, it’s safe to say the Smash World Tour will be a big deal going forward. The full list of Platinum and Gold events has officially been revealed, which includes plenty of legacy tournaments, along with a couple of fallen but not forgotten tournaments being brought back, namely Jersey event Royal Flush being brought back as Double Down in Las Vegas, as well as the classic event Apex being brought back under new management. Silver events, while not announced yet will be added on an opt-in basis, with their total points being determined by how many entrants they receive.

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These are truly exciting times for both Ultimate and Melee fans alike. Make sure to check out the Smash World Tour website for all the details.

Author’s Note: Personally I have high hopes for this circuit and I’m very excited to see the effect this will have on the morale of the community. What are your thoughts on the introduction of the Smash World Tour?


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