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  • I'm not the kind of person that randomly writes on someone's wall and such, but you just make me. Your sig...that part of the movie is so ****ing bizarre. Not to mention scary, and a real WTF moment.
    I haven't seen Grave of the Fireflies. I really want to, but I can't find a copy of it anywhere. I might just have to order it online. Have you seen The Cat Returns? It's not a Miyazaki movie, although it is done by Ghibli. It's very charming; I highly recommend it.
    That's a good one. I don't think I could pick a favourite though. It might be My Neighbour Totoro.
    I see myself mostly in Sun.

    A Korean woman with marital problems, with a small daughter I had to leave behind in order to find my husband that I used to hate.
    90% of the bad things that happen to him, he brings upon himself. He's likable enough, but not nearly as interesting as like, the entire rest of the cast.

    And yet he's like, the main character. Wtf.
    That's old news, Jack. Go pop some pills, you annoying, annoying character.
    I'd post them but all of mine aren't visible under normal clothes.

    I leave all of my semi-inappropriate pics in the BRoom.
    lol YESZ
    i rep the mysterious case of benjamin button :p
    nice meetin ya Cogzy hope to see ya at MM 14 :D
    You still have my number? I'll be free Friday evening. Nuro is probably sleeping over. Want me to try to get Ace and Riot or St Viers to come, too? If it's just 4 people we can do lots of doubles with same teams, otherwise you'll only get to be in 2/3rds of doubles matches because I need to practice with Nuro as much as possible.
    But then it's not clever even a little bit... at least unless someone thinks for hours about it.
    IDK yet, maybe my place in Winchester instead of in Stoneham.

    Hopefully he'll agree to have our doubles name be "Nuroxys," which, as a combination of "Nuro" and "Deoxys", would be pronounced like the horrible brain disease (many people don't realize it's "deok-sis." Intimidating and clever.
    I might also, in which case I will probably be training with my teammate, Nuro. The more the merrier, though.
    Those dates were just for last week, but this week I'm free Thursday evening for a bit and sometime Friday evening probably.
    Np, want to hang out Sunday night? I think I'm having a pretty good friend who's a Toon Link main come over, too.
    Hey, I'm free to play tonight, probably sometime tomorrow (Christmas), and sometime Saturday or Sunday.
    I appreciate the invite but I have work 5:30-11 every day this week. <_<

    F***ing minimum wage temporary retail jobs. :(

    It's a shame we're 5 minutes away but can't find an hour we have free in common... Unless you're down to play for a short while at 11:30 PM sometime... IDK when you need to wake up etc.
    I'm away this weekend, and you're busy until 5 every day during the week, right? I don't see when I'll have time to play you for a while.
    So you're too busy to play for an hour around noon? I mean we're so close it doesn't have to be that long to make the trip worth it, at least IMO.
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