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  • Eggz(for adderall justice), homemadewaffles(because he's awesome), armada(you've seen his picture, right? XD), and zgetto(for being the most attractive smasher[everyone was mad gay for him in the pound 4 thread lolz]).
    Thats great. I'll prepare until then. I've got 3 other friends who are really good at Smash. You mind if I bring them for the next Tourny?
    Had it's good and bad things, but overall it was amazing.

    There is a LOT I could say about Pound, and maybe I will say some of it, but right now what the summary is is what I posted.
    What does Dr. PP know?! screw him. He doesn't know how to appreciate fine Art. lol
    Noel x Litchi and Noel x Rachel doujinshi, random Noel x Arakune tent raep, misc. Noel hentai, mics. Noel ecchi
    Nah man, I really enjoyed the different tone of this story. The seriousness/**** diction were easier to read but I wasn't bored because you always surprised me with some goofy thing to laugh at at a time or in a way I wouldn't expect.

    Definitely good stuff.
    Of course, they don't like change.

    I don't know enough about low tiers to comment on anything beyond that. Sorry bro.

    Debating it will be terrible lol.
    Link is def low tier to me.

    I'm iffy on the Pikachu thing in general. Let's say you're doign the best thing getting rid of Pika. You're gonna piss people off anyway.

    It's your call on that. If I wanted to make a change, then I'd just remove Pikachu. Adding DK in would only make it more unbalanced, but I guess it would satiate Pika mains. Every non-Pika/DK player would get pissed then though.
    What kind of low tier advice?

    Kirby? Ummm.....Crouching is really good. Dtilt *****. Bair *****. Uthrow is the best I think. Dash attack is good for opponents who are about to hit the ground. Dsmash has a use but I forgot what it was. Fsmash and Uair kill.

    I'm not sure why Pikachu is low tier really. I think I've read why but didn't buy it. I know DK has a decent Marth matchup, unlike Pikachu, but other than that I couldn't tell you lol.
    I do too.

    Good stuff Zero. You should get recorded so we know how you're doing.

    Raaaaaape I can't wait.
    Give me your number in a PM and I'll send you some videos from my phone as to approximately how funny "F*ck danny mexico" was and how drunk Ace and LoZR were.

    That is a great story though haha.
    His talents have not been fully cultivated yet, so he is only useful for certain areas of southern arts, such as small-town levels of hootinannies and phrases (git ur done).

    So, the tournament has ended and Ace and LoZR are downing shots and playing matches. They talk really drunk trash to each other and LoZR says something about beating Ace's tail like he did in a previous arm wrestling match(to review this really quickly, they were sober and, since LoZR have been working out lately and Ace is still pretty big guy, they wanted to arm wrestle. Lots of hype for this.....they get in a deadlock for like 20 seconds and then Ace starts to get a little pull but then LoZR slowly pushes Ace's arm to the ground. ****). Ace says "oh well then you wanna go for it again?" LoZR: "well let's go riiiight now"

    They go outside, and the rest of us still there, drunk and otherwise, go outside hooting and hollering getting hype.

    The scene: 1:30 AM. Grassy backyard of the apartment complex. Kinda dark, not cold.

    LoZR walks off a few steps from the group and starts to pee saying "aight now none of you girls look at mah ****." and proceeds to pee. Ace also has to pee, but he goes and pees on a wall facing a different direction. Lulz were had.

    They converge on a park bench and we all gather around. Phoot, the main ref, lines up the two arms and stays on one side to keep them in line. When the signal is given, the two deadlock again, and halfway through the 10-15 second lock LoZR unleashes a primal bellow that shakes the heart of the mightiest smasher....probably. LoZR slowly but surely moves Ace's hand to the ground once more and we all cheer. **** was had.

    NOW then, the best part of this story, besides what happened, was that a guy was on his laptop outside of his apartment when we walked outside. He saw the whole thing and just looked at us. More importantly, he had a clear view of both LoZR's and Ace's d1cks, but neither of them noticed this. This makes the story way better because he had to tell someone what the heck he saw, and that in turn makes our story better LOL.
    Billy Ray can't read, so it will remain a mystery. Ralph from the Salph will be better educated though.

    I can fill you in on parts of it if you want. There's one story in particular that I don't have to tell in person for it to be funny that was part of that night.
    Billy Ray responds with a witty "both are fun to play with, but not to eat." He also says his rage intercourse with his dog, marsha, has caused another horrible in-bred half-man-half cousin half-dog that will be named Ralph.

    Loooooooool so good. Do you know all of the events that took place that night?
    Billy Ray is chomping at his bits trying to get with someone outside of his immediate bloodline, and his dog isn't cutting it this time so he may have to take out the pea shooter to get what he wants.

    Well, I'm fine with that. If you get any superfluous ones you should show us them after you write them though. =p
    Nono, you are speaking on behalf of Billy bob, not billy ray.

    Oh really? Sounds fun. I can't wait haha.

    Still curious: how close are you to finishing all of the stories?

    Boss Hog is a mad OG smasher who's original account, Twiggy, was created in 02. He lives in Charlotte and is legit. He was at Munkaid.

    Billy Ray agrees to the MM but only the condition that if he wins he gets to square dance with Billy Bob's sweetheart on the barn floor.
    There was no link lol, it just said option 2, can you just send me that 2nd option. I'm curious George to find out
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