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  • Yeah you're right, we were a lot alike. I just want to let you know you had me DIing so much, I broke my controller lol. It is now very hard to move my joystick ^_^ I got extras though. I want to freshen up on my Yoshi and Pit to tell you the truth, they are uber sucky on Wifi, so Ill try not to embarress myself if I use them lol
    Good games. I can't help but notice that our playstyles are remarkably similar in terms of what moves we use when, if you know what I mean. Sorry for sucking so much in one or two matches though.

    I think we should play again some time. Though, if you don't like Zelda dittos, maybe next time I'll go Peach or ZSS on you insted.
    haha, thanks. same here. i wish i used diddy more, i need more practice with him... oh, btw, you can just write your message in my page, it's easier that way
    Haha thanks, my Zelda is ok I guess, I couldnt touch your Lucas half the time though =P And no problem with the ending, by how you sounded in the thread I was lucky I even brawled you at all. Hope yo brawl you again =)
    great f***ing matches dude! your zelda=uber, i could only really beat him with lucas. sry i ended it, my hands r starting to hurt... i lol'd soooo many times at the many hilarious SD's. once again, thanks for the great matches
    okay, yeahz i has your replay for lucas the timing for the zap jump is gay >.<
    i need ur wii# and fc nao
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