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  • well, your trying. no doubt youll get better :)
    i havent played brawl competitively in who knows how long... i cant play that anymore :ohwell: ive found im much more content with kicking my friends buts with items from now on :laugh:
    well, being busy would keep you from the site!!!
    i wish youd log in more!!!
    but i guess your not like me and you actually HAVE a life so..... hahah
    ive been trying to get one for a while now i have a chance comming toward the end of this month but other than that everything else looks dark... It's hard finding one everyone wants to keep their job.
    it kinda does yet it doesn't, cause I have almost nothing to do and I don't have a job "yet" so extra cash is nice.
    we might not do anything today, but that just means we gotta work like mad men on thursday and friday. cause we gotta get it done on friday...
    I'm good man, but I'm moving an office with my Grandfather later today, so I'm gonna be pooped later today, so I might not get back On today, but I still might. how are things for you?
    like some of the terminology?? well i do not but i have used the wiki at the top of this site to help with that! i dont know if itll give you answers for what your looking for but it helped me!
    it was fun! i saw a lot of cools stuff! but one time doing that is enough for me:laugh:
    i dont plan on doing it again! lol how you been?
    Oh... I should think before type... but that just makes it funny... I don't drink energy drinks... Don't know why never tried them...
    monster... come on, Roar! ha, now you can't sleep tonight too... cause I'm a monster too.
    well....... umm..... now that i see you left i guess we cant brawl....... ummmmmm i guess just message me again and mabey ill be free for some brawls!
    hey man i would love to..... but i really cant... sorry. you see im going on vacation on saturday for 2 weeks.. im soooo busy with packing and whatnot. but actually if your willing to play now we can prolly play for a while! can you get on now?
    exactly! lol
    thats how i am!
    my friends are terrible and use the items as a crutch but when its just me, myself, and i, they are ALWAYS off
    as much as the items are not bad on brawl, i just prefer not to use them! lol
    they screw me over quite badly sometimes as well! lol
    heheh.... the mega mushroom was great!!!
    the lightning cloud!! GAH!! i have nothing but terrible things to say about that.....
    o none taken! lol i HATE the items..... TOO unfair.... first place bombs go flying like CRAZY!:psycho:
    o ya dont say?!?! im a HUGE MKW fan! i actually think im bettr at that than brawl! lol
    im a baby luigi racer and thats the only person i ever pick!
    then this certainly is the best place to be! lol
    what forum did you leave if you dont mind me asking?
    anytime! i enjoy to help the new members to this site any way i can! thanks for adding me as a friend!!:)
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