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  • Lol nick it's you? I didn't think you would be active on here. looking forward to more **** sometime.
    Yes i'm EC (East Coast), Georgia. Your Squirtle was quite the competitive little scamp, GGs again :D
    Im tryin to get back into smash but i've been pretty busy with high school and other stuff.
    Whatchu been up to? :D
    Sure, I can go for right now ^__^. But I need your FC.

    Mine is 1075-9657-8001. I haven't played in a while, so I might be a bit rusty XD. Good Luck to you, though ^__^.
    I'm really sorry, Squirtle X__X. I totally forgot about it today T__T. Please forgive me :(.

    But, if you're still willing to Brawl, I can probably go for tomorrow ^__^. Again, I'm really sorry for not being here.
    was and still is happy to be here! havent found a better place than this on the website IMO.
    hahah im usually a sprinter in track, but my coaches and parents suckered me into doing it this year :laugh:
    you sound just like my best friend. he plays those two sports as well :p
    well thats good :)
    yea you were my first real friend here... hard to forget that :p
    and holy kow you ARE a sophmore! i forgot.
    its not so much being a junior thats hard for me.... its cross country. kill me :laugh:
    a bit happens when you dont show up for months at a time :)
    but ive hosted quite a few online brawl tournaments, and... well, i have a tourney director title now! i just got done hosting my most recent one a couple of weeks ago.
    and all those posts were really from those tournaments! i usually dont post much anymore besides those lol.
    i really suggest you host tournaments in the future! they are a helluva lot of fun to host
    mehhh.... ive always LOVED pokemon, but no way can i play competitively haha
    once in a great while ill join discussions in the poke center, but more times than not, ill just lurk.... thats all ive been really doing on this site lately.... i dont touch brawl that much anymore at all, so ive given up on the competitive aspect of that game.... i lurk sooo much here now :laugh:
    holy kow! how could i forget about YOU suirtle-turned-diddyuser?! lol
    are ya sure your back for good this time??

    By a majority vote from the Republic, you are now under probation with an guaranteed risk of being kicked out from the clan. The reason for this probation is:
    -Uber Inactivity (from teh interwebz)

    If you have any questions, please contact me through PM or VM. That is all.
    You piece of **** you better vm me next time you log on >:3

    <3 <3 Its been so long o__________o
    oh holy kow!!! hey! hah
    S*** its been a while!
    i was actually just thinking about you about an hour ago when i saw your name in my friends list on brawl! :p
    alright. I'll let everyone know and you'll retire with style. Thank you for being in the High Ocean Republic. I'll be removing you from the group but you won't be forgotten.

    EDIT: ****! Sorry! I thought you wanted out of the clan, I'll just put you on the back to school list. I also deleted you from the group, that was my bad.
    o is it??? well thats wayyy too bad.... school starts next week for me so idk how much ill be on either.... but no doubt ill be getting on any and every chance i get!!
    mr. squirtleturneddiddyuser!!!(wow thats really getting old now)
    hey wats up!?!?! i thought youd be one of the first people id talk to when i got bac!! (for some reason that didnt happen:()
    we need to talk soon man!
    oh. Well if you ever decide to retire from the clan I can understand that. I go back to school wednesday too.
    Hey squirtle! Haven't seen you around the clan much. Just checking so see if your still alive.
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