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  • Um, the plots basically phoenix wright with magic. No friendship, sorry. D:

    The story takes place on an lsland, where a rich prestigious family meets to find out who will inherit there fathers fortune. A series of murders takes place though as one by one the family is killed off until the main character battler is left. He finds out his family was killed off by a witch, who promised his father fortune in return for his familys life. Battler denies this to the end, and rejects the idea that a witch could exist. Denying a witches existance is like....bug spray to them in this world, and ****s with there magic. =w=

    So anywho, battler challenges the witch to prove that its possible for a human to commit the murders that the witch did. If he's able to prove that it could be done by a human, her magic will fade completely and his family wouldn't have died that day.

    Basically this plays out in different dimensions and senarios created by the witch. It was based off a mystery/horror visual novel. AND NOW ITS A FIGHTING GAME. :D

    SERIOUSLY. Its like, every character in that familys either some kinda of crazy martial artist, and survivalist badass. So that alone warranted a fighting game for it~

    Thus ends my 3rd grade presentation on why its fff****ing awesome~ :D I don't do it enough justice though~ Seriously, its super funnerific~! Give the fighting game a shot~ Ya know me, i'm a lazy bum. No way would a write such a long post if it wasn't so awesome~!! The mechanics on it are really the best i've ever seen in a fighting game. The visual novels a little hard to find though. Atleast the good one with awesome voice acting and well drawn graphics. There was also an anime based offa it, but it was kinda on the lame and rushed side.

    Welp, thats not too surprising. =3= You have to search hard to even know of its existance, and reach deep to even obtain it. I think its selling for like 100 bucks right now to obtain a real copy.

    So worth it though zaj! SO WORTH IT!
    This fighting game is the god of 1 ups menship. It looks at what makes other games good and goes "Thats a pretty nice *insert awesome thing here.* Were gonna do it better. :V

    Then again. I'm totally biased. <3
    Don't do that, you'll start to really notice all of the flaws in the image!

    I'm sorry to *******rize your oc but shes so adorable!

    There was also these other two scribble-things along with this one but I didnt want a huge picture at first in case I annoyed you so Ill just post them along here with it. Its easier and less scary to come back and edit (mostly because theres a chance you wont notice it).
    Shivers has always struck me as a bit crazy.
    so did you all move to the disco room?

    If so, i'll get some premmy as soon as my check comes in (sometime next week)
    it was mostly just me informing you in case you like log out and not realise it has been changed and get confused about why you can't long in with your normal name
    Oh god wait. You HAVE heard of the game right? :D
    Please say no, so I can fangasm and tell you everythings awesome about it. :3
    I'm sorry sir. We at sunnybunners mart of wat, do not take pony currency.

    However we will take currency in the form of "ZAJICE PLAY UMINEKO NOWNOWNOWNOW!"
    Man, I know other postbits stack, so I thought ToTM postbit would too.

    So I checked here, and I was disappointed.

    They needs to fix that.
    Ah, sorry that happened :/

    This current one still looks really good. You're a good artist! :)
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