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  • He's actually a cool guy. He mains Marth. I see him at every tournament i go to. He's just looking for some Mario advice haha.
    Dude, just treat the match as if your playing a friendly and you'll do fine...That's what I always do...Now that I mention it, it's probably why i do decent in tournies...Some matches I actually do need to take more seriously though. I lose crucial matches because of this...
    TC1 is decent...I'm sure you would beat him if you two played again...

    I'll look you up on youtube dude
    Thanks for the compliments...I'm eager to see how your Mario plays. Do you have any recent vids up?

    About TC1...Me and Boss have to play him at genesis...TC1 hasn't posted ever since we saw his livestream

    Are you coming to genesis?
    Nice, your like the 2nd best on the WC? Lol, I try not to think that I'm 2nd fiddle to Boss...That's probably what drives me to be better than him..
    Looks like you decided to go with Marth as your tertiary? I'm not sure if you already had him on your list, but if you need any tips, I can try my best to help you out with using him. By the way, I'm posting this in here because I didn't want to flood your shoutouts on AiB. >_<
    lmfao how u know i place high? oh wait the mario tourney results LMAO. nah man, it was my very first tourney i seem to have gotten lucky that my oppenents were like low to mid tier users. except in winners bracket got pwnt by a mk user :[

    i have the dedication like boss to go all mario / luigi no matter what... that's what makes me good if ya think so. but anyways, i was aiming for top 10 :[

    watch some videos of boss, hes luigi is similarly like mine
    Really?! Wow thats awesome. NYC had that title back in melee but now in brawl since no venue we're not as active as we once were...T_T But yeah pretty sweet thing to have in socal don't lose it lol
    Thanks we go way back cause we use to be in the same crew. Not anymore obviously but we still chill and play from time to time. What where is socal anyway? Mind you my geography blows mad wang lol
    Lol, didn't even notice that. It's not too bad though, Bo still did an awesome job with it.
    Hmm...no clue, maybe it's thinking you said something you didn't xDxD, other than I dunno maybe it's just acting weird.
    Lol because it's a censored word. This site filters out some verbal words. (Swear words, etc,etc.)
    Lol yea Brawl is slower paced compared too Melee :p. Lol Doc? Ewww Mario pwns Doc, Doc's Cape sucks for recovering, Doc has no combo's, Doc's pills are dumb (except golden ones do more damage???) Lmao, this is very biased information. Mario >>>>>>>>>Doc.
    Lmao suuuup. So I read your thread 'Problems with Mario' but I never posted on it for some reason :(. The part about me being able to 3 stock you, made me lol. I heard you got your skills back, good stuff :D.
    woo buddy in ur thread under fox u put"sux" i main kirby and second fox and mario. and believe me when i say this fox does not suck. lol
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