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  • So how easy would it be to get from London to that tournament in Freiburg?
    Hey VA

    Wondering if you were planning on hosting anything in the next couple of weeks. If so, I would try to make it down to Brighton to play you before I leave. I think I learned the most this trip to the UK (in smash at least lol) playing your Peach and I'd love to do t again [with the captre card I just bought XD].

    If not, no worries. I'll just hope to see you at an American major in the near future.

    Actually, your set against Fuzzyness was really good. Nice, dramatic ending. I haven't watched the other one yet.
    Hey dude, you're saying that I can definitely get a ride? From who?

    And would I be housed with you?
    yo man, so we doin this smash thing 2mo? how long does it take to get from brighton station to yours
    yo dude add my ms
    i did some serious **** i didnt know mario was capable of (only after puffing tho) and im no longer switching to fox.. but still i wud like to know some of the specifics - how to hit with the top of the shine etc, i saw that thing top of shine -> wavedash out -> fall of edge turnaround -> bair/shine guard. i really want to know how to do that!!
    heya. I might try and pick up melee. I find the idea of being offered to be taught by a stranger a bit weird though :p
    Look I know we haven't talked since last October but I'm interested to coming to that London smashfest on April 25th since I'll be staying in Swindon during that time.

    Could we maybe talk a bit more on MSN?
    Hey VA, don't take this as a nag, but I just wondered if you were still thinking about the smashfests in Brighton. I think you could get a good turnout.
    I feel so privileged, one of ur 2 friends :p
    get socialising. thats a poor effort with 810 posts, like 1 friend per 400 posts (if im feeling generous).
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