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Da Man
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  • -Wzzup fellow plumber. X9-
    Da Man
    Da Man
    I haven't met anyone on this site for years honestly, was more active around 2006-2009
    -Oh, well that explains everything. I joined the smash community around 2009. I watch a throwback ditto match between you & boshi recently, that's how I found you. x9-
    Da Man
    Da Man
    back when I was in the compeative scene myself, even though it was always online only for me.

    this is a thread for a tournament in 3 weeks. do you play melee?
    its £13 for an overnight stay, 6 meals, and an extra £10 for a bed. Megabus is doing return tickets for £1 from the south-west!

    come down and show ur worth, but most of all come so you can feel the wrath of the most skilled mario ;)
    Hey man,I know your pissed at me and I was a bit pissed at you,but I just wanna tell you Happy New Year.
    melee? i dont play brawl shud have made that clear lol.
    and ooh i like a bit of trash talk, have any noteworthy players in your crew?
    Daw'. That's too bad. Ah well, just let me know whenever you're up for a few guys. We'll FLUDD each other's Nesses.
    Same here. I main Mario and Ness, secondary Wario and DK, thirds are Jigglypuff and Luigi.

    But I'm just fine with that list. You wanted to play me?
    my 16th birthday is on august 30th but don't let my age fool you. I am at a higher maturity than most students in my year group even though I am the youngest in yr11 by the second half of yr10 I was more mature than the yr11 group but the maturity I had last year is the level of maturity the yr11 students from last year have now & glady more respect unlike the child like respect I recieve from other students in my year although some of my friends are more mature than others. Now I will get to the point though my memory may fail my intellect a few times (everyone forgets sometimes) I still think in the same way as a 16yr old adolescent would sometimes I tend to act like an angelic child to get my own way. according to mental records I have autism
    (aspergis syndrome is the form I have). It's nothing to be proud of I have disadvantages because of I write & type slower because of these disabilities the advantages is in areas like science I think at a level mainly in atoms,elements,astronomical work like stars & planet's but I guess you guys don't need my life story so... oh wait I forgotten my brawl game so if don't get it returned on wednesday I will be available if not... not next week but on the monday the week after I will note I may be revising instead I have GCSE's from the 1st of june onward (the big work). thanks & bye.
    mr.da man i have randomly picked you & two other members selected from the people in your region page (united kingdom) to exchange friend codes if you wish for you & me to become friends i offer you my wii code and friend code
    smash bros friend code: 3824-4370-2591
    i have already recieved your friend code
    all i need is acceptance or if you wish to decline i shall understand
    yours sincerely DJ.P (paul field.)
    Alright well i'm pretty sure I block deleted you so what's your email?
    Good Close games man :). I really like your mario. You actually know how to use Mario's fludd properly and you used it well. Keep it up man.
    Woah, seriously? that's awesome, we should have a brawl sometime.

    I'm still training though because I'm not good enough yet. I'll add your FC.
    Wassup, I'm just new to this site thinking I would find sum good players cause most of the people I fight I win against them. T~T So If u wanna brawl just visit my profile and exchange friend codes.^V^
    Haha. Nah, it's cool. Most people don't realize there's actually an easy way to get so many posts. I actually have a girlfriend, a job, and a few friends I play football with. If I'm for 2 hours a day, I post.
    plymouth is just awesome ya know :) the plymouth here got rated the best place to live in America xD
    im grounded remember? lol I meant that all I did was ask him and he said he could brawl me but then after was when I got grounded =/ dang it I can feel my mario sliping away =(
    lol I just asked him if he wouldnt mind brawling me ,nothin fancy lol but ofcourse you need to make a time and be patient =P didnt we do dittos recently?
    ...sadly its not happening,right after I sent him that vm I got in trouble with my parents...no video games and no computer (im on right now since there out shopping) idk how long the punishment is but I hope I dont lose my mario =(
    sure! I got MUCH better at sigging since I amde that, so I'm sure you'll be pleased with whatever it is you want me to do.
    Well there is another better option. Just hang around the Ness forums heaps and try to contribute as much to the Ness metagame as possible. Any major contributors will be added to the NBR, we are always watching ;)
    you are really kind but now I'm not at home..
    and we live quite far, I think it would lag a lot. when can I find you?
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