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  • Well, the number seems to soil mainly from the 1st place guy. It's peanuts tbh but we know how some people are with money..
    Sorry for not getting back to you on that message. I hope this doesn't hurt your view of me as a TO or anything. Just some stuff beyond smash constricted me from contacting you. P.S I have you AN prize but lol.. it's a 2.50 toy (YGI:GX) not sure if you want it since its some lame action figure.
    sadly i dunno, i prolly wont go to any tournies anymore...i really lost interest....I'll probably go to atleast one more if my friend from scholl goes as well.....
    Ben won in Winner's finals, but had to leave before loser's finals was finished. So they split the pot. So Ben's ROB was overall the first place winner
    It was amazing. It was a ton of fun and there were some crazy upsets. And I'm still ballin' at teams. (We would have taken first if we teamed lawl)
    I might not come.

    I also withdrew money from my now functional bank account.

    If I do come, I'll pay my way in, since I have access to it now.
    Can I just come to the tournament for casuals and to hang out?

    I just moved out on my own and money is scarce.

    Since I only have a savings account as of now, I can't make withdrawals until my funds have been recieved over to me.

    I should be able to go tomorrow, switch my main branch to the one I'm located by, and be granted access to my money, but you never know.

    I have no birth cerificate or SIN number on me. So just this once?
    ok but the way i heard it was that you were like "Is nick in the bracket?" Dimmy replies "yes" and you were like "****, I'm pulling out of the tournament". lololollolol. The fact that you used pulling out was too good. You should have joined because if you were so certain of 3rd place you could have gotten a fan expo pass for free and that is where the sick prizes are.

    Last year doc won $1500 gift certificate to zellers and/or Bay, Kingace won a 360 pro with 3 games, and nick got his 360 there for 3rd place.
    lol, you got it. But dude, you WERE afraid of nick, there is no excuse you didn't join.
    lbt2 wasnt but the scarborough ones are

    lol, my mom offered to drive me to it because she already knows the dave & buster's/that area etc etc
    lol...sorry...i cant come to this one either :'(

    i cant get to markham easily :/

    i still am coming to tournaments, just generally not ones that far away from where i live lol
    Lol sorry about that
    And i won't be going to your tournament only because its all the way in markham. I only like going to tournament that are in my area or if I have a ride there.
    As for the york thing you probably won't see me at the brawl casual till school starts but idk yet
    just to let you know raidos moved to hamilton recently so hes part of illiads crew now, and as of now me and tippr have not discussed this tournament at all.
    LoL relax.

    You said it yourself, it's all subjective. I just happen to think Galaxy is horrible.

    I would tell you, but then I'd be writing a book and would possibly run of space in this message.

    I'll tell you about it irl. Sound good?
    I used to be a fanboy.

    But I at least played good games.

    I lost all my systems, games, and life I had known when I became a foster kid.

    I sort of fell off, and only really got back into Smash Bros.

    I miss Mario Party though, I was playing it at my friend's house Monday night, it made me unbelievably sad though.
    you're the biggest nintendo fanboy ever sheesh

    you'd even orgasm over mario goes missing and the worst mario games in history.

    soooooo gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay



    but you know i still <3 you, just play better games lol
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