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    yo go on irc.. i got my wifi working.
    the controller or the usb
    the controller can be like 5-15, add like 5-10 if you need to buy from Europe or ebay and your competing with someone :p

    The USB is like 15-30.....you can't buy it in stores....normally....so add like 5-10 for shipping
    The tier list is severely outdated....Also, many people have separate opinions about characters. For example, ness to some is either as good as 4th/3rd or as bad as 6th or 7th. I personally think he's5th or

    People say Pikachu is still first...due to Isai and due to the only good recovery and insane combos/priority. Pikachu has some of the best combos and has insane priority and disjointed hitboxes. only problem is a bad projectile. Throws are some of the best and jab cancels into throws work well. Wall combos are broken and pikachu can use up b to get out of opponents combos.

    Fox or Kirby is second/third. I persoanlly think fox is better than kirby.

    Kirby has broken priority and has good edgeguard vs everyone. Up tilt is broken and down air combos also work well. Kirby has the best shield breaks. kirby's only weakness is his weight. Combine that with disjointed hitboxes and an incredible f-smash (but not to spam) and you have a gay character that doesn't take hand speed to master. Kirby has moderate throws....but can't tap a into a throw. (other main weakness)

    Fox has by far the best projectile(probably in any smash bros)...and has great combos regardless of percentage. Furthermore, Fox can camp. Shine works well and down air to up tilt also helps. Up air combos have incredible range and with quick hands, fox is deadly regardless of percentage. Fox's only problem is a moderately low priority and zero moves with disjointed hitboxes. Fox's tap a is also a great combo move and tap a into throws work well. Fox's throws don't have enough power for this to be broken however like Pikachu. good wall combos.

    Mario Ness or Falcon are 4th 5th or 64th. I personally like the order of Mario, then ness, then falcon.
    Mario has high prioritiy, exceptional shield breaks, and a good projectiles. he also has odd hitboxes and an up smash that kills at very low percentages. Mario is also one of the best at gimping and has good shield pressure. Only problem is no disjointed hitboxes. Up air combos help a lot and up air to down air works well. good throws as well

    Ness has exceptional priority, the second best shield breaks, and incredible DJC. Vs a top ness, you basically can't shield or you have to shield very lightly. Down air is a great gimping move. Ness has the best spike and if you aren't predictable, ness has some of the best combos in the game. Ness's problem is a moderately bad projectile. Great throws but no tap a into throw. The only problem is that Ness is very predictable

    Falcon has some of the best combos but with a moderately weak hitbox....and no real solution o Kirby and Jigglypuff. Falcon is also one of the best characters vs Pikachu. No projectiles though :-(. Some of the best throws as well and a GREAT dash grab.

    Then comes Jigglypuff, then luigi, then yoshi, then dk, then link, then samus

    Jigglypuff is really powerful due to combos....and good throws, Jigglypuff has bad range but teleports help. The problem is Jigglypuff's light weight and a moderately bad approach. Jigglypuff has no projectiles also....also, if rest misses, you'll get hit hard.

    Luigi has great combos but a bad priority. Moderate projectile. Up b combos are really good. However, it is easy to DI out of Luigi's down air. Throw combos are moderate. good down b as well. Floaty so combos are kinda difficult.

    Yoshi is a really good character due to a great projectile....a really good DJC...and the best shield in the game. If yoshi is played perfectly, yoshi will barely be hit......due to parries. However yoshi is very diffiuclt to use....and is countered heavily by Kirby....I mean 70-30 and up heavy. Yoshi is broken down by projectiles or a broken priority.

    DK has broken throws....but no real aproach. cargo stalling is Meh at best.

    Link has great projectiles....and a moderate approach. No real gimps though and the worst recovery of anyone in any smash game. I think he is better than DK.

    Samus plays like brawl....0 combos. good priority though and solid down airs.
    most people get controller adapters from play asia or Ebay
    there are threads on getting them in the smash 64 forum

    for keyboard....everyone seems to be slightly different. Just make sure your hands are close enough to press each key and it not be a strain.
    I can't specifically remember a post....it wasn't from the n64 forum, it was somewhere else....
    sry....you asked someone who I knew....it was an old post.....I know the smash 64 fourms aren't much help....so I try helping when I can.
    Yeah, that's fine. Just give me the address and what time I should be there and I'll come get you. Probably cell # too just in case, though you should probably PM me with that info.
    Ooh, that sounds like a match up john, lol. We need to play again some time, then we'll see who can make fun of who =P
    Yeah my sister also kicked me off, my Ness is trash on wifi too...

    And all characters that I played get 2-3 sometimes JV 2stocked though in friendlies, that's how bad Wifi is... It determines nothing...

    Lagfi power shielding as Bowser was too good though...
    Well that's good. From now on, whenever I'm an *** to you, know it's just a joke. <_<'
    Again, I have to go with someone in my family, which mean so picking up people they don't know -_-

    This summer man, though, I can go on my own. THEN we'll **** demz.
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