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  • We stating over then? Cool with me, just no more fake evidence or I win.

    Gay pose is subjective. I min Marth, so I think it's not. nice try though.

    Ness is a big dummy-head.

    I didn't enjoy it, so you must've done something wrong there.

    Btw, I'm assuming that HiIH never had your tape or he would've come forth with it unless you killed him to silence him (both favor me), so then I guess I can null whatever evidence you had wayyyyy back there. Argument on!
    Home is good and tell the happy happy cult Wario can't escape the forward smash with a DJ. Wario can be forward smashed by a lot of characters if he jump breaks.
    At the tourney? But that's in public? Subways and alleys are better...
    I'll see about the staying over here thing. It's a pretty small apartment and my parents aren't too fond of strangers. My parents are picking up my sister from pen station so I'm sure they know where it is.
    Yea I explained that you will always jump break if your feet are above the ground not being pummeled, you will always ground break if you feet are touching the ground and you don't press those buttons.
    Sage Help Ademisk out again tell him this: Jump breaks happen by pressing any button associated with jump. THIS INCLUDES UP ON THE JOY STICK WHETHER OR NOT YOU HAVE TAP JUMP ON. So the only way to jump break is to press up or a jump button. When rotating you cross by Up this is why you break by jumping. If you press other buttons and your feet touch the floor you will not jump break. When a wario player is breaking from a grab they should never press up y or x. Doing so will make them jump break if they don't get pummeled.

    Hope that helps him... Also tell him I never clicked the join group button....
    Ademisk runs it and he's scary, I mean just look at that slowpoke...
    Thank you sage but the truth is I never applied.... Also tell him that it applies to all characters and if their feet are above the ground they will always jump break. There is no way for them to cause a ground break.
    Sage tell the Happy happy cult that since wario's feet are on the ground if he doesn't resist he will always ground break... It's bothering me that they aren't mentioning that... Actually it's killing me... All so tell them it's from me...

    Currently blaming Ademisk because I'm not in...

    But if he does jump break you'll hit him for 24%
    Where did he get it? I heard Anal Chics was a government conspiracy like Superman and the loch-ness monster.
    As far as emo goes, I said he had rather, emo-ish days once in a long while. As for pedo, Marth is filming as his experience in games is a better starting point for pursuing a film career than MJ's ****** little boys/dancing career.

    No ******.
    I did refute dat mess. Maybe not clearly, but I'll try again.

    You said he was in anal Chics with MJ. Either MJ is a chic, or the children are chics. We know for a fact that MJ only took boys. This means that, since MJ doesn't test drive it, he accidentally got a little girl. The mistake was so funny to both of them that they both...well anal'd the girl and titled the movie Anal Chics.

    Lilly-livered lollipops in a field of fettered flowing flowing funny feeling flowers.
    How do you know? I think there's something we need to talk about here besides the ordinary TV fetish here.

    What does filming MJ having his way with girl/boys have to do with that?
    You're supposed to test drive before you buy anyway. With his rep, MJ should really be more thorough.
    Anal chicks? Girls gotta be somewhere, and since MJ just HAS to be a dude, then Marth is. That means, that girls are gettin some.

    MJ wishes he was good enough for Marth.
    So, then you at least admit that Michael Jackson was a girl, and that Marth got to give anal to other chics too? Seems okay to me. If he wants to make some extra cash, then work that sword you got.
    just because michael Jackson danced like a girl didn't mean he was one. By women I mean hot, raunchy half-virgins (I dunno, passing along what I'm told) that do wayyyy more than a TV ever could! Yeah, I went there.
    He's not going through the clothes at random, even though life would be more fun if you were blindfolded and dizzy trying to stop a roulette of small life decisions to make.

    Grabbing doesn't necessarily equal rough bangage. Maybe he wants to tell them...secrets? I dunno, he won't ever let me come over to his house. Probably cuz of all of the WOMEN he's getting.
    Everyone has bad days...I myself have a 54-pocket coat with 96 chains and black eyeliner just in case anything traumatic happens, but I only have one pair. I mean, I'm not gonna grieve over something forever, it's what she (Marth's sis) would want.
    Nuh uh, cuz his sister gave it to him. He'd be a jerk if he took it off. Therefore, he's willing to take that persoanl hit as long as Marth mainers attempt to spread the word about his extreme manliness (it's in our creed/blood taken to be sworn in as a Marth main).

    No johns.
    Got to tourney tomorrow, Sunday will be my day hopefully.

    Please the peasants sir merlin.
    Stingers thread (this is my kingdom!). I thought we bonded over that? I guess my jestering skills are rusty.
    Awesome me neither lol.

    I miss the kingdom thread. When I get the chance, I'm gonna try to find some heavy spam and tear into that stuff again.
    Not really. Plus I'm not allowed to just go play with whoever. It has to be at a business.

    My parents are fun.
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