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Recent content by thehotelambush

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    Apex 2013 Info Dump!

    Is there an updated bracket somewhere?
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    Scar talks Lean Melee [2012YotF]

    Falcon's greatest weakness...short/small characters.
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    Another generation?

    Hmm, does anybody know about progress on that front? What kind of technology do we need?
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    What's next for Low Tiers?

    Yeah, basically. This is what I think. Early on people discover what are the best characters (the top tiers having remained fairly constant since the early days of smash), thus leading people to develop the top-tier metagame far beyond the low-tier metagame and making low tiers impossible to use...
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    *Pound* V Melee Results and Shoutouts Thread

    btw, for anyone who missed it, the stream got recorded here: http://www.justin.tv/redd91/b/280113172
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    Pound 5 Info Dump

    That means there's quite a diverse set of characters in the top 8.
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    Pound 5 Info Dump

    Mango > Redd Cyrain > KirbyKaze nvm see Avery's post above
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    Who's Got Salt - done, results up!

    I might go to this...if anyone from the video game archive wants to team (except Chad, lol), facebook me. Proposition: RANDOM MM, $1. (I'm salty.)
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    << SWEET III: 3rd Event Results [11/13/10 - Ann Arbor, MI] >>

    64 shoutouts 1: Moose ($24.00) - Good ****!! It was fun getting destroyed by you, though I had to wait a while. 2: Cerviche ($6.00) - Had fun playing doubles with you 3: Duck - didn't play. If I do I won't fall for that regrab ****... 4: Gio - Much respect for running this tournament...
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    Midwest [Apr 4, 2015] SWEET XX: A Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament feat. Westballz! (East Lansing, MI)

    Rob, you said something about a game room on NC. Where is it and when do people play there? Kevin and I want to play y'all some more.
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    Stuff About Puff

    Is this true? I would guess there's not a huge strategic advantage in puff dittos. I figured up and forward throw were used for the higher damage. Btw, about hbox vs. mango, why didn't either one do hits after grabbing and before throwing? I'm going based on memory here but I don't ever recall...
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