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  • My brother told me you invited me for tf2 tonight, but I'm doing science[spoiler] and I'm still alive[/spoiler]. Blame procrastination, me (which is actually the root of the former! whoa!), whatever.

    have a good oneeeeeee
    By the sound of it, not good at all. Sad thing too, is Apex is part of the EVO lineup. It would've been nice if everything went right. So maybe Smash can get a bit of the spotlight. But nope, the community never learns. Just look at the FGC and the past two years. They've stepped it up hardcore. Hell, EVO last year was amazing all around.
    Hope you're having a good one as well!

    Sorry I never replied by the way, it slipped my mind. I'm a junior in high school, haha. I have straight A's and an F. ;;
    I've been average, thanks for asking. Just failing at school, you know.

    What have you been up to?
    Sometimes I forget to reply to vms for days.

    I am nowhere near adorable! And that artwork is passable at best! Thank you though for all the nice words on my wall.
    I will make sure you get a great Wischristmas present =p.
    I have been well. Work is consuming my life along with Skyrim and Mw3. As well as the season, of course. ;) But all is well.

    Big plans for next semester/year?
    Okay, so it was a false alarm about my internet. My internet did disconnect abruptly, though so I was like "EFF DIS," haha.
    there's an obvious problem with that

    everybody's role pm would be superior to everyone else's (since everyone has to be aizen, which means they're all ichiban desu), which is a bit imbalanced
    Tery! Sorry man life has been crazy, been drawing a lot working towards being a comic artist, and my girlfriend has been eating up my time, but just last week she cheated on me :( so I once again have all my time back! Is everyone still on the kpop boards???
    Alright, just give me the call whenever you want to get this started and I'll get on
    Any time you'd like, Tery. I'm available at any time. I'd be more worried about F8AL since he has a job and all and he's busier now
    Haha, well. Thanks for thinking of me anyway! And happy Thanksgiving to you, Tery-sshi! <3
    I just saw the TF2 vid from your channel and I feel Youtube famous from those brief appearances by me :awesome:

    Lol, but I'm really messaging you to tell you that I saw that lag that you talk about and man, it looks so horrible!
    Tery if you wanted to start the LP today I can't, I'm feeling too under the weather atm, and I can't stay awake any longer. I'm tired and my eyes burn by just opening them slightly
    Sounds awesome, and congrats! :3c

    Not too much really. Today's my day off, so I've been pretty much a couch potato today.
    Yes I am, Tery.

    Karasu is an old middle-school alias of mine. I've been using Sakurazaki/Zaki since high school, and I love it. :]

    Don't worry, though. Karasu is still fine. My IRL friend still calls me it like it was my birth name.
    Ya, ya, I did too, but that's kpop for you, it should be fun though.
    And by not answering my Seohyun question, I shall take you silence as a yes. =)
    Maknaes are determined by year =O for example, Sulli and Krystal are both Maknaes of F(x), but if it means I get dibs on Seohyun, sure!

    Ya, ya I did, that's how I remebered my smashboards anniversary this year.
    Pretty good, pretty good. Long day though. Daylight savings is kicking my butt.

    How 'bout you? Did you sort out your lab conundrum?
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