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  • Man, figures its a name?

    That makes a lot of sense actually.

    Thanks haha, I was just so curious.
    Man, Sakurazaki, what is the 2nd word in your title.

    I've been trying to read it but I forget my Korean is awful.
    Ah, is it an old Phat model or one of those Slim ones? I bought a 320 GB Uncharted 3 bundle. I like how quiet the console is when I do play it but I wish it had more (exclusive) games which I'd play and a better online system. Oh well. =/

    And I should really start MGS4 one of these days...doesn't that game have like 1 hour movies or something like that? And Killzone 3 sucks. Just like Resistance 3. :smirk:

    And me too! I'll prolly pick that game up on launch day. (And what comes with the special edition if I may ask?)

    Nah, regular. I only have one special edition of a game and that was for Splinter Cell: Conviction a few years back. (Only cause it was free to upgrade.)
    You have a PS3!?!?!? Since when??? I got mine in December of last year and I have some games for it. MGS4, Uncharted 1-3, God of War 1-3, Batman: Arkham City, Resistance 3 (lol) and Max Payne 3. Add me on the PSN: TheRealF8AL (I rarely play PS3 tho lolz.)

    We need to talk more often IMO like back in the good ol' days. (Halo 3 + Team Smashboards.)
    I'm just using this cheap mouse I bought from Walmart a few months back, works like a charm. :bee:

    Oh yeah, that game better be good OR ELSE!!! :mad:
    Used to, stopped playing due to a lack of interest in the game. :c

    Buy a new one?
    Is it normal to try to delay the inevitable? :(

    And it'll suck when EA shuts off the ME3 servers in a year or two and then you can't get the best ending for ME3...=/ (You need at least 8000 war assets at 50%?)
    And I'm almost done the SP part of ME3, gotta do the Cerberus HQ mission then take back Earth. (The ending is soon...)
    I'm not good enough for Gold. I only play Gold w/ a full party and we only play on Firebase White in the bottom room. :awesome:

    I also love it when randoms get downed / die in the first wave... =/
    mfw I just spent the past hour playing ONE silver match in ME3, my total score is 100,000 while the 3 randoms only have 10,000...then they proceed to die early on in each wave and LET ME CLUTCH THE LAST 5 WAVES IN A ROW: jackiechanwtf.jpg
    The MP in ME3 is soooooooo addicting!!! <3

    And ME3 should be renamed to "The game where everyone dies."

    I miss Mordin, Thane and Legion. :c (Just killed that reaper and saved the geth alongside the quarians.) WHO ELSE IS GONNA DIE, DAMNIT!?!?!?!?
    Curing the genophage. (I hate it you use a mass relay to warp, the sound is SO loud so I often mute those parts.) :mad:
    Liara is so ****ing useless in ME3. STOP GETTING DOWNED IN COMBAT, DAMN YOU!!!

    We still haven't played. D:

    And I stopped playing Reach like a year ago lol. I am looking forward to Halo 4 though. :3
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