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Recent content by TemPesT-

  1. TemPesT-

    ZSS OoS Options - What works for you?

    on platforms shield drops reign supreme, her upair, her upsmash, and her upb are all pretty awesome if you get below your opponents.
  2. TemPesT-

    [Mar 22, 2014] Eau Claire Sucks at Smash 5 (Eau Claire, Wisconsin)

    things started a little shaky but we got through it all apparently haha. shoutouts to chicago for makin the long trip out. was a really fun time seeing/playing you guys again (except when kels camped me.)
  3. TemPesT-

    clank glitch?

    i was playing lucas my friend max was playing sonic, i ledge hopped a forward air and it appeared to clank with his neutral air, but then sonics damage went to 999% and he died. we never reproduced it, but maybe you guys should look into it.
  4. TemPesT-

    Q&A Doc General Discussion: Ask and ye shall receive ft. otg and Shroomed!

    did taunt cancel into reverse cape edge guard on a spacey's upb. life complete.
  5. TemPesT-

    Q&A The official "Ask Your Questions" thread

    My sources (Max Berger and Wake from MN) say your a pretty legit dude Green Ranger. I recently started playing DK, not really as a tourney character, but I find him very fun.
  6. TemPesT-

    Q&A The official "Ask Your Questions" thread

    Watch this DK combo/match it's pretty funny and entertaining. i dont play much DK and it was just a silly friendly, but some cool stuff happened :) http://www.twitch.tv/starreaver1/b/477394708?t=146m45s
  7. TemPesT-

    Lucas General Discussion

    any other good uses you think? good gimp tool offstage i imagine if you can land it.
  8. TemPesT-

    Lucas General Discussion

    ya, like i said i didnt try long. i thought id get it right away but then thought maybe it worms differently in PM or something. so is there any general consensus on a good use of Lucas's offensive up neutral b hit box? i havent tested it at all yet vs real opponents, thought it might be a...
  9. TemPesT-

    Lucas General Discussion

    eh after about 5 minutse of practice i got it. idk why i couldn't before
  10. TemPesT-

    Lucas General Discussion

    can someone PLEASE explain in depth how to perform a DACUS with lucas, for the life of me i cannot get it to work. not even at 1/4th speed. trying to dash attack with c down and smash up+z for the smash. i'm a fairly technical player, so not being able to do something really irritates me. plz...
  11. TemPesT-

    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    i've been using y-b for years, and never had any sort of pain my wrist at all... also i don't really use my wrist at all in the motion of sliding from y to b, so im not really sure what you'r doing, maybe your hands are smaller then mine lol.
  12. TemPesT-

    Kirby Falco Matchup

    RRR beat kels falco, what have any of you other kirbys done?
  13. TemPesT-

    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    maybe mindless was a bad choice of words, cuz i'm definitely still thinking, but its more along the lines of, man i hope this guy commits to a nair or something stupid so i can dash dance some more and punish him. could someone just break down the dash dance battle for me, cuz i see it like...
  14. TemPesT-

    Q&A Captain Falcon FAQ and Training Guide

    any falcon ever figure out how to Doraki with falcon?? i know how to the like.. insta wall jump on FD but it loses your dbl jump, but i KNOW falcon can do a true doraki as i've done it many times on accident and on the special ledges that always do it, ie. green greens left island, or the...
  15. TemPesT-

    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    any tips for the neutral game in fox dittos? i feel like its just mindless dash dancing and whoever commits to an aerial of some sort gets punished. is that really the extent of it? i dont feel like platform camping in a fox ditto really helps at all since teh up m0ves. and anything more then...
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