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  • I'd be fighting a bonafide Smash Lord. Hehehe I can't Wait! We just need to set the time for the match. I'm better off on the weekends or late on weekdays due to school.
    Dguy: Not everyone can be michael jordan
    [10:59pm] Dguy: Not everyone can be tiger woods
    [10:59pm] Dguy: not everyone can be azen

    soon to be a sig.
    are you invisible on AIM or did something happen to it?

    or is it that you have extremly short time?
    i might give up the challenging thing i cant think of a acctually "challenging" challenge...
    im thinking of doing something interesting... im going to call it


    how it will work is that i set up a bunch of challenges ( insane but possible ones like 3min melee without taking damage.)

    the first to complete (AND RECORD IT,) it will get a certain amount of points depending on the dificulty,

    (like 250 for the 3min melee*without taking damage*.)

    i plan to do this in all of the other char threads as well but there is one problem...


    to solve this problem i think that everyone that registers that *cant record* should register
    their wii freind code and wii message code so they can send me replays directly.

    but there is one other problem that remains unsolved, getting everyones atteintion

    cause im lazy im going to copy and paste this to a thread

    about the permition thing,you know like being allowed to upload images into your sig, does the privliges increase as your "Smash Rank" increases?
    yeah thanks a friend of mine made this using FL studio... its awesome
    ( we made the 100th song on his birthday = D )

    my favorite part is around 2:20 i think.
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