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  • Life is pretty grand at the moment. I'm trying to get a job as an extra for a movie or TV show haha
    It hasnt been deleted or anything, but it in sooooooo deep i doubt you can just stroll in and find it.
    you dont remember that super old thread?

    this kid said 2skilld4u was his uncle, then you got really confused... the said go disobey him :D
    <Alus> Oh stealth is in here?
    <Stealth_Raptor> hi alice :D
    <aurasmash> Alus real name is alice?
    <AlexoftheAura> yes
    <AlexoftheAura> yes it is
    <Stealth_Raptor> yep
    <aurasmash> oh. i always thought he was a guy though.. sorry =D
    <AlexoftheAura> Yeah so did we
    <Stealth_Raptor> yep
    <AlexoftheAura> Where is she anyway?
    <aurasmash> especially the thread about him being called "uncle"
    <AlexoftheAura> Yeah I never understood that either
    <aurasmash> he banned her nephew from going to this very irc lol
    <AlexoftheAura> wait, when was this?
    <AlexoftheAura> although i can't blame her
    <aurasmash> this was like.... 8 months ago lol
    <AlexoftheAura> must've missed it
    <aurasmash> but yeah.. she banned him. but ted said "i think you go disobey your uncle and join us. then got confused on who was the uncle, then it got spammy again
    <aurasmash> where ia alus?
    <aurasmash> is*
    <AlexoftheAura> She probably went to bed
    <@WuffyHawk> Alus is a she? o.O?
    <Alus> Alex wtf
    <AlexoftheAura> =_=
    <AlexoftheAura> get back in the kitchen
    <AlexoftheAura> Goodnight :)
    <Stealth_Raptor> LOL i was gonna say that but decided not to
    * AlexoftheAura (webirc@ Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
    <Alus> 0o
    <Stealth_Raptor> awww one less person
    <Alus> I dont even know what to say to him
    <Stealth_Raptor> lol
    <@WuffyHawk> 11,01http://rlv.zcache.com/back_to_the_kitchen_apron-p154147226105266038q6wc_400.jpg
    <Stealth_Raptor> lol i want that
    <Alus> I want that so bad
    <aurasmash> no seriously. what's alus gender?
    I love how the museum counts as a mission.

    I'm asking because I have not yet played spec ops.
    Everytime I hear or even think that phase... bad things happen to me D:
    One more thing,

    The guy that made music for Transformers the live action movie, is the same guy that made music in Metal Gear solid 2 And Gears of War 2.
    Hey ted, how did you make the techno look on your ava? I mean, was there an easy way, or did you do it from scratch?
    Aww, You mad because I got like the 3rd pretty avatar this week!(Sday count?)

    I have 5 avatars for later lmao.
    Beat em' up games are the best retro games ever. (the good ones anyways)

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