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  • Brawl vault is down. When will you be finished with your K. Rool hack? Ive been really exciting for it and now the website is down. Can you please send a download link for your K. Rool hack?
    I want to change myself, for the better. In other words, do something PRODUCTIVE.
    Smash hacking has gone a long way now. It amazes me how much we can change in this game. I think at first is was mainly limited to simple changes in game mechanics and textures and music. And now we can, I don't know how it's done, change like, everything. It's difficult to guess what more could be added down the road
    The standard college routine, except it's ending. 1 more week for finals and then I'm freed from this prison of college. Summer is going to be so good. I've got some epic plans. I might be the main youtube recorder for Zenith and Class of the Titans 5 and I'll be recording at tournaments every weekend this summer since I have both Brawl and Melee tournaments to record at. If I get a job with Saturdays off. I need a job to afford going to tournaments everywhere all the time
    Try using another character to throw clare with. like anyone. if someone else can pick her up and throw her, it's not Clare, but if there is a throw glitch, redownload the V3 version i have out.
    Does Clare Grab issue Freeze? or he just can't grab her? i mean the freezing glitch was fixed ages ago by simple PSA.
    *sigh* I want a Tiki Tong vertex... now that I think of it, Biker Wario is more suitable, because of his hands and mouth.... But the request thread sucks. :c
    I'm on it. I'm getting pretty FREAKIN' tired of him. He's swearing his butt off the KTH through PMs. :glare:
    Yeah, thanks for the comment on my profile. I understand, all of those people only take requests from stuff they think only sounds interesting, and they ignore people who request stuff that may not sound so interesting.
    Here's the ID fix:

    Char ID fix 2.1 [spunit262, The Paprika Killer] (Character fix)
    * C28152E4 00000006
    * 819E003C 907EFFFC
    * 80E30030 2C07000F
    * 40A2001C 80FE0008
    * 3C008180 7C070000
    * 4080000C 39030008
    * 9107FFFC 00000000

    That's weird that it doesn't work, though. Does Ganon crash even without the Sword Ganon file?
    Aw man. That's weird, since it seems to be working for everyone else... have you tried it without a FitGanonMotionEtc, or without costumes? If it still crashes then... um, I guess re-download it in case it got corrupted. If it still happens THEN... maybe there's a code conflicting with it.

    Actually, I wonder-- you aren't using the Ganon with a Sword codes, are you? They could easily cause problems.
    I'm afraid I don't know any, but if I had to guess, I'd say Vile is probably most likely to be able to do such things. He knows a lot about modeling, and seems to have the equipment to do things to Brawl. It's just a hunch though -- I wouldn't be surprised if hasn't ripped anything.
    Yeah, but Action Events are a pretty broad category. It pretty much encompasses everything the characters do.

    Subactions are the specific animations of characters. There's a dropdown menu there with a number in it -- change that to go to a different subaction. Subaction 48, for example, is most characters' first jab. Subaction 4E is the dash attack.
    Yep, it's got a specific interface that shows the codes that are executed. Playing around with it is the best way to understand it.

    For starters, attributes are the easiest to edit. When you fire it up you'll see two tabs at the very top: Action Events and Attributes. Clicking on attributes brings up a list of, well, attributes... many of these are labeled, so it should be pretty obvious how to edit 'em. You can do some very drastic things just by changing them; it's a good place to start.

    If you want to take a look at the Action Events, then hit the Sub Actions tab in that section. That should bring you to the important (and less imposing) stuff.
    Heh, PSA doesn't use any models at all. There's no graphics whatsoever; your computer should be fine. If not, a couple software updates should be enough to fix it.

    I don't recall ever communicating with MarioKart64n, or I'd try him for ya. I bet he's just away from the forums for a bit, or doesn't know the answer -- I know I have put off responses to questions until I actually know what I'm talking about.
    Ah, well, the attributes would just be how you'd change his floatiness, really. They're a section of PSA where you can set core aspects of the character (aerial mobility, weight, size, etc).

    You must be using a Mac, then? PSA isn't exactly a processor-intensive program... but sure, if you ever get the chance to use PSA, I'll give you a runthrough of how to edit him.
    It's true, I'd have to do that if I wanted a Melee Giga. I do think a Melee Giga Bowser would be cool, but unfortunately I am lazy and would rather leave him as is :p If you wanted to take up converting him to Melee-ish form, I could give you pointers how -- it's a rather simple (if mildly time-consuming) conversion, assuming you are content to just edit attack power and attributes.
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