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  • Wow, glad you got that new computer dude! I always keep assuming the worst about you, LOL

    Best of luck to you!
    Roo, not to rush you, but I'll need those Tabuu animations of yours in a few weeks. I'm sorry if I seem pushy. :c
    Are you finished the animations you said you were almost finished for me? :) Just asking.
    Hum, trying to reply to your PM gets me this:

    "Roo525 has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her."

    But anyway, here's what I tried to send:

    Sure, I can try to answer any questions you might have.

    I'm not too well versed in swapping polygons though. I can tell you how to swap entire models, but swapping single polygons is difficult (and beyond me).

    Anyway, you might know this, but polygon or model swapping isn't a PSA-related change -- it'll require BrawlBox.
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