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  • Respond via pm please.
    I understand you want to get Waluigi done. Well, with some more knowledge of this program(brawlbox) and some help, I would LOVE to help create him with you.
    Yeah. That's sort of a general Melee -> Brawl change... I think the reason Giga himself is so very floaty is because otherwise he would probably suicide very often (given his terrible ledge grab range).
    Ohhhh, yeah, that's definitely changeable. I just left everything exactly as Brawl Giga Bowser is.
    Does Giga die much earlier in this? I thought that was about when you could kill him (gimps and items aside).

    Yeah, that's an unfortunate result of how I implemented his knockback :/
    There certainly is. That would be equivalent to decreasing the knockback he takes from attacks, thus making him harder to kill, though. Do you think he is too weak?
    Oops. <.< I didn't mean to do that.

    I meant that other characters often die to items at very early percents. Giga Bowser is especially vulnerable because items usually do such large amounts of % damage.

    Ah, yeah... the forced horizontal movement is something I put in because, otherwise, well. There would be no way for him to be killed.
    Oh, I'm not offended at all. I'm just glad for feedback. I admit #3 is something I've not heard before. I'll look into it -- I suspect the variables used are involved somehow.

    Anyway, unfortunately I have no solution for #1 as of yet. I can't even detect if there is an enemy in front of Giga or behind him. His flinching is only based on the change in his damage percentage, which is why it's so unresponsive to the actual properties of the hit...

    As for #2 ... I'm surprised you've been killed at 60-70%! I didn't test very much, to be honest (not enough people to play against). I suppose it could certainly happen though. I know he is severely disadvantaged if at any time he is knocked away after using his double jump -- the only way to stop tumbling then is to attack or Up+B.

    There's forced horizontal movement during the whole tumble because otherwise I'd never get him off the stage :P Honestly, when I added the ability to DI during tumble it was impossible to kill 'im. I also had to make him unable to act until he travels a far way, because otherwise doing anything would stop his momentum.

    Teching, I think that I might be able to add. I'd dread fighting Giga on Shadow Moses, though :P
    Certainly -- Balanced Brawl has a concise explanation of how it works. Not far into the first post, it explains it; here's a link for convenience.

    Don't worry though, you don't have to use BBrawl to use this. Basically, just follow the directions they give and install BBrawl, etc... and then replace their .gct codes with whatever you want.
    Perhaps I should ask him to get a match with my newer Giga Bowser... I should really get around to posting that.

    That does suck. There are ways to use Brawl hacks without homebrew, though. Do you know about 'em?
    Heh, I meant Giga Bowser can't. Because my fake tumble doesn't allow teching, the only way to be in actual tumble is by lingering on a ledge too long. which point Giga is headed downward, so he can't contact any ceilings while in tumble. Well, I suppose the sole exception would be if a Game and Watch then used air to fling him upwards into a ceiling. I'm not terribly worried about that though.
    Hmmm. I'm not sure he can do those. I know he can't tech when being knocked back, but I never tested holding on to a ledge, falling off it, and trying to tech into a wall. So, doing that could T-pose him, worst case.

    Ceiling tech is impossible though.
    Nope, I made sure to replace his techs with his dodging animations, exactly as you just suggested. As for hitting the ground when tumbling, I believe he just does a regular landing.
    Thanks! Glad you like it. I am actually testing a version that is easier to kill. The current one is about as powerful as two other characters put together. :/
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