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  • Hehe, naw, it says it's from an asteroid scene. That doesn't look like The Empire Strikes Back, so I'm guessing it's from some other game or something. Who knows..
    Ima tell you through PM because I got Kupo to battle me and Ulti came in mid match >_<
    Yeah, you wouldn't last too long with that title considering that to be a researcher you have to know competitive battling.

    NU stands for Never Used, a tier in Pokemon. You could compare it to the tier above the bottom tier in Brawl. I need to test my team out on SOMEONE because I need tweak it up a bit for my battle with Ultimario on Sunday :mad:
    Well, I don't see you so much in the PC that I would say that you should apply...

    Plus, do you even know anything about competitive battling? Just asking because if you don't they are going to kick you right out of the group once they get the PR title reformed.

    Btw, if you do, would you happen to have an NU team? I need to test drive mine out for tomorrow and see if there's anything I should change
    Well if you ever get a bit of money, change it.

    I know I'm happy with my username and won't ever change it

    The funny thing is that everytime someone puts my name, they capitalize it, which I intentionally did not put in my username XD
    With those posts I would be up to 3k at least.

    I can't wait till my 7 thousandth post

    That's when people start taking you seriously
    **** boy and you got here earlier than me!

    I've got like 2 thousand and a half posts already!

    Post more :mad:
    Sure, even though I'm not too big on Zelda. I don't know what the hell is actually happening in the game. One day I see this 3D zelda world and then I see a cartoon world where everything is pure water...
    Okay. Well, first thing's first. Theme. It could either just be for teh lulz, or tie in and affect rules, etc.

    Next, planning. Rules, stages, amount of time for sign-ups, amount of entrants, single or double elimination, prize or no prize, all that good stuff. This is the most important stuff. YOU NEED TO GET THIS DOWN TO THE POINT. I can't stress this enough. It's what screwed me over my first time around. x_x

    Finally, the thread! Making a banner would be nice, but it's not necessary. Check out other people's tourney threads for examples.

    After the sign-ups, you can either seed the brackets or make random match-ups. Once you have the match-ups, give people maybe two days to get their matches done. If they don't yet, message them with reminders. If they don't get their matches done after while anyways, give the match to whichever participant you want. If one is active and the other is not, give the match to the active one. Just remember this: try not to let the tourney drag on for too long. That makes people drop out and makes your tourney bomb.

    Hope I helped.
    But it WILL be epic, bro. In fact, you should shoot for Director, too. If you start planning and entries this week, I'm sure you could get it done by spring break weekend.
    I don't think I know..... If I did make a poll thread, I must've forgotten how. Sorry if I'm of no use.
    You can. I mean, I don't know how long that roacherman fellow has been there, but I'm sure if he made it, so can you.

    Lol, I'm a terrible director. I took two months to finish my tourney.
    Good times, eh?

    Also, I think you should apply for Pokemon Researcher. Don't you hang out a lot in the PC?
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