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  • ****, Majority hasn't been on since last week and we need him on. If charmander doesn't come back soon, we'll be having a 2 man crew battle and... yeah
    Are you up for sunday for our crew battle

    Btw, do you have any way of contact with Majority, he hasn't been on for days and I don't know if he's coming back for our crew battle
    errrrr.... season what? Also, if you're one of those people who get frustrated at slow story movement, I suggest you skip right to the important episodes

    And you'll be very dissappointed by the last season... trust me
    And I admit Link does look cute a tree dude, but I still haven't found anything interesting uptil now.

    And if I end up liking the game, nothing will most likely come out of it anyways :)

    What part are you uptil now?
    To tell the truth, the only thing that looks cool about this game is that mask, but other than that meh
    Hmmmm... I don't have to like Zelda if I get this right?

    Yeah, I think I'm downloading this. I have nothing better to play anyways. And I made up the stupid synopsis just to mess around bro no worries :laugh:
    I already now the **** story. Some douche with a skull face and 2 fairies that remind me of Cosmo and Wanda come and steal Link's pony taking it down to another land that would remind me of an acid trip. Then the same douche tries to destroy the halucinated land by crashing a ginourmous *** moon down to it and Link now has to use his flute to turn back time back and forth to prevent the imaginary world from being destroyed

    In all, Link does drugs and finds himself hallucinating that a giant moon is gonna destroy an imaginary world in an event caused by a douche with a weird mask.

    Yeah, I knows the synopsis
    Dude, just tell me about all the great things of MM. Screw YS, I've already played it years ago. I'm just thinking of buying it for the nostalgia. I already know all about YS, but nothing about Zelda and it doesn't interest me in any way, except I'm getting curious about what all the hoo haa is about and just TRY to tell me all the good things about it.

    Or as a 3rd option you can recommend me a good SNES/NES game
    TAL, you play Zelda. I have 10 bucks to spend in the VC and it's between Mario Tennis, Yoshi's Story, or MM. I don't like Zelda but the curiosity is getting the better of me. Try to convince me to buy MM over Yoshi's Story and Mario Tennis
    Yep :p

    good ol' Jack. Anyway MM was my first Zeda game ever which is probably why i like it a lttle bit more than OoT 0.0
    What? I got bored of my old username and my lack of creativity inspired this >_>
    Oh kewl. I never played N64 but I have my own copy of SSBM. I mained Marth/Roy/and Mewtwo IIRC back then, lol. Ah, so I'm guessing you guys dont want the other bro to be better with a character than you are. (that you use alot) Lol rivalry. Well then use who best fits you/ your favorite really.
    Ah, lol. Your name would be the one to fool me. =P
    I play as everyone, I enjoy something new so I decided not to have a main and just use everyone. It's more relaxing for me and it comes natural.
    Heyyo. Sup? Oh and I'm going to a south carolina beach house this upcoming friday to tuesday. I cant wait! Any thing big happening with you?
    Yaaaaaaaay... I think

    Anyways, try to perfect your team alright? I'm still trying to find a cure for my apparent weakness to ghost pokemon. HALF MY TEAM could go down to Deo A with Shadow Ball
    Well TAL, we have to try our best don't we?

    Don't worry, I think I know what I'm doin ;)
    hey TAL, since I'm replacing charmander as crew captain while he's away, I want you to tell me at what time you're good for the match
    I'm going to work on that tomorrow. Lack of support from the rest of the PokeCenter is kinda disappointing, though.
    Thanks, I hope I do too.
    I definitely think I have the leadership qualities. Back in early 2008 I founded the Twilight Heroes - Smashboards' Brawl Link Clan or around 40-ish members. We had our own forum and whatnot.
    I'm not a Mod because...I'm not a Mod.
    Personally I don't think we need any new Mods. Spire is doing great. Chill's presence should be more often, though.
    well, we have been challenged by the colors crew, lets kick into high gear.

    After this, the only "color" left will be red, haha.
    hey TAL, Have you ever considered joining pokemon Gypsum?
    Lemme know if you are interested :p
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