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  • ooops I sincerely apologize for misinformation, I wanted the Man and his name on it. I take the blame,
    wow, looks smexy good work. What about the imag I gave? that ain't going to work? or the tropical island bg?
    Hey, I psoted what I wanted in your shop, if you need more info or details please drop me a message.

    Hit Me up brother: VG42.
    Forgive me if it seems like I'm coming at you with a melodramatic approach, its just that we're pretty much ecstatic to get this thing going.

    Hit me up whenever.
    For clarification I'm Jaleel :P But to stand beside Zeus, I would really enjoy you around us when have our typical gaming conversations. I feel like you would add more to the atomosphere.
    I'm going to be honest here, I don't imagine that you would be willing to join this type of conversation. Its Skype.
    In all seriousness, I would be delighted to have you join our conversation. Seeing as how you are deeply involved in the these thread discussions, I figure you could get a bit more utility along with myself and Jaleel. That's mostly my concern here, not trying to be obtrusive and pressure you into doing things that you don't wish to do, simply that Jaleel and I have been keen on involving you in our conversations for some time. We think you're awesome
    Hey, by the by, I just thought I should let you know, school is really putting the pressure on atm and i'm not on nearly as often as I used to be, so i'm wondering should I pass on chocobo and slime group to someone else or keep it for now?

    Which reminds me, is there any work we were thinking of doing on those two? Man it's been ages since i've last thought about them. :/

    In any case, good to see you're around a little more often. :-D
    Yoshi's House - Yoshi (technically SMW, but still)
    Magicant - MOTHER
    Groznyj Grad - Metal Gear
    Dolphin Park - Wave Race
    Roivas Mansion - Eternal Darkness
    The Blue Raid - Sin & Punishment
    Big Brain Academy - Brain Academy

    Yep, all of that gone :/
    I had six stage concepts with ASCII layouts, select music tracks, pictures, and all that jazz, five of which were done, and three of which where new series with new characters repping them, all inspired after your stage concepts.

    ......on my laptop before I had to reformat, and now they all gone :crying:
    If you ever get time, do you think you could make me a new signature homie?

    One of the YuYu Hakusho cast would be amazing. Basically if you could just get, Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama, and Kuwabara all in that sig that's all I'd need.

    Thanks for the consideration in advance.
    Could you respond to my PM I sent to you? Thanks. :)
    I've become pretty interested in the series. Unfortunately for my gaming career, my education expenditures has the priority. So perhaps I'll pick up the sequel next Winter.
    I've been looking up some footage of Sin and Punishment 64. I'm impressed by the graphics man, this should be a decent investment.
    WHY aren't you pink? WHY am I not pink now that you aren't? I'm going to fight Omega.
    Hey man I have something of a favour to ask. I'm looking for a certain picture of Lucas but can't seem to find it... At all. It basically looks like this:


    Except it's more sepia-tone, and says 'Lucas', then under that it says 'Super Smash Bros' (or perhaps it's 'Super Smash Brothers Brawl' Not sure about this). If you could find the pic for me i'd be really grateful.
    It was apparent to me that adult's you speak of tend to have no idea. Moderating is in Gatlin's job description, therefore when folks get out of hand, he should attempt to direct the attention of the problem into the proper manner being.

    Obviously our way isn't working out.
    I see what you're saying. I was considering something similar myself in accordance to the ambassador program. I doubt it will have a big impact, but in the case that people try to take advantage of the cartridge's "vintageness" (for lack of a better term) over digital versions, I'd like to catch on before they do.
    I can only think on that last part figuratively. Please, feel free to elaborate.
    Thanks for the update m8, I'm glad that I have a price ceiling reference now. I think I'm gonna deal it at about $16.

    I've gotta salute this fella on the cartridge quality.
    Do you own Breath of Fire for the GBA? I'm not sure if the price that I've been estimated is worth the purchase.
    Fight me. Keys the Ruin has been stuck in my head ever since you've said it fits me. I feel slightly more completed though when I think of the song while I'm doing something.

    Youse cool kid.
    Alright mysterious enigma, I'll be back sometime soon. We can get our discussion on then.
    Here we are music man:

    All I will say is I wish Medabots had been a Nintendo property....
    Preceded by some Earthworm Jim link
    Well, through my distinct research discovered that it has a series games. I figured that you preferred its music selection, ya know, so Smash could adopt some of it...

    Context please!
    I must be in a chatty mood, cuz I feel the need to share with you how catchy this Medabot music is!
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