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  • Apparently Reggie said all the dlc fighters are gonna be surprising and not gonna feature anyone who has their series already represented in smash. RIP bandanna dee, geno and tails

    Lost my own bet, well time to watch 10 Laxchris vids, my head
    Newcomer opinion, credits to Smashing Ramen for the idea, any number that is over 10/10 exp.100/10 is 10/10 to avoid confuzzling stuff

    Inkling : Unique, not alot of characters use paint as weapons, the only flaws are that he's got a bad gimmick, i prefer Duke of Dork's one i'd say 9/10
    Daisy : Should be unique, i see reason why she's echo but idc i think she replaced Waluigi 0/10, if i wasn't biased then 5/10
    Ridley : He's awsome 100/10
    Simon : First to use a whip, i'd say decent, never played the Castlevania games so uhh he looks cool ? 8/10
    Richter : Last of the Belmonts, a surprise character i say since NO ONE expected him and because of that 9/10
    Chrom : I was hyped to see him in, 10/10
    King K Rool : HYPE OVERLOAD 200000000000000000000000000/10 (no that's the actual score)
    Isabelle : Cute, she cannot be harmed anyone who harm her will be in the wrath of hell 10/10
    Ken : Obviously but got spoiled 7/10
    Incineroar : Another spoiled one, but then glad i abandoned the Bandana Dee boat but i hope Bandana Dee is in as DLC otherwise prefer Decidueye but eh ok, 9/10
    Piranha Plant : That reveal trailer was awsome, Mario walks up pissed off then music stops when Piranha Plant was shown lol 8/10

    Average Score : 7.5/10
    My score : 9/10 no Ashley, Shadow, Issac and Waluigi
    If any of the Forbidden 7 that are not veterans (Dixie Kong, Toon Zelda, Tetra/Toon Sheik, Minun and Plusle) get in I will change my profile pic to I'ma a loser and my location to Grinch Land for a day of course
    If all the Rabbids in Mario + Rabbids (Rabbid Luigi, Peach, Mario, Yoshi) become separate characters then umm would Rabbid Cranky be but i've doubts, even though he is made for fighting, no offence but he's old, I mean Link can still fight even though every Zelda game is 100 years apart but him but him being in the game would open up new doors to characters being requested likea E.Gadd or Cranky Kong not sure .... should i
    how would you react to Metal Box being removed as an item then Metal Mario, Gold Mario, Metal Luigi, Sliver Luigi and Pink Gold Peach became alternate costumes of their respective characters
    Bad decission, tbh.
    Squirtle/Mario guy
    Squirtle/Mario guy
    obviously, I just needed to see rections, though Gold Mario, Sliver Luigi and PG Peach can still be a costume
    The first part to my ideal Subspace Emissary (Not leak):
    It first starts in a wreaked Mushroom Kingdom Mario and Luigi uses spinning pipe move to defeat Fawful then Yoshi weakly deals the finishing blow to Fawful, turning him into a trophy before dissapearing. Suddenly King Boo comes and captures Mario, Yoshi and Peach with Luigi narrowly escaping capture with blown away by Boolossus, Bowser negotiated with King Boo that he gets Peach, King Boo agrees and they fly away. What happened after ? they got turned into Paintings and not revived until Chapter 5
    Squirtle/Mario guy
    Squirtle/Mario guy
    If this is a thing in Ultimate just know that this is a coincidence and not leaked
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