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  • FireFox isn't showing it X__X. I'll use Internet Explorer and see how that goes.

    Yeah, it is punishment XD... But 208 is just overkill X__X. I can't wait to see the answers, though ^__^.
    Cool ^__^

    Umm.................. Moth? I have a problem.................... I can't find the "Move" button............ Halp X__X.

    Every once in a while HOR has an interview for one of its members. The member who always dodged interviews, Roxas, finally got nominated. I sent in about 8 questions.... Usually a member would get asked around 50-100 questions..... But poor Roxas got asked 208 questions X__X.... I hope I never get asked that many when I get nominated...
    I say both Fighting Gravity and Poppycock got robbed. They should've been in the top two....

    I was actually just about to go there XD.
    I was planning on doing that today, since I actually have some free time ^__^.

    Can you imagine getting asked 208 questions when the average person only gets asked 80? Poor Roxas X__X..........
    Yeah, I know, but I missed half of the show. So, I only know how the last two placed XD.

    I thought Serebii was only for Pokemon, right?

    You should, it's a really good comic XD. I'm pretty sure you'd be able to access it with the DSi too.
    In my opinion, It should have been: Fighting Gravity>Poppycock>Michael Gram>Little Ms. Opera girl.
    What's your Tier list XD?

    Thanks for the links ^__^. I'll be sure to read over them.

    Sorry for the late reply, though. I was reading the comics I had missed from Brawl In The Family. It is a super legit comic, and it has a bunch of Nintendo jokes that are actually funny. I recommend reading it, because you'll get a good laugh XD.
    Here's a link to one of my favorites.
    Woops X__X. Yeah, them. It's too bad they didn't make it :(. They were one of the most original acts there.

    Oh, I see. thanks for telling me this ^__^. I'll be sure to keep it in mind in the future ^__^.
    I wonder why he didn't make it farther. His acts were really good....... And what happened to Defying Gravity? I was also rooting for them and I was sure they would be able to win. Too bad, they were a really good act.

    I need to start using it. I need to level up some Pokemon, and the Pokewalker will help me do it faster ^__^.
    Again, I'm really sorry I spoiled it for you T__T.

    If I could do that with the music I listen to, I would easily get that many steps XD. Although, I haven't been using it. I lost it T__T. But I recently found it again recently ^__^. I'll try and use it sometime.
    Still, I feel really bad about it T__T.

    Oh, I see. I don't either.

    Well, I've gotta go, Moth. See you later ^__^.
    It's okay ^__^.

    I'm really sorry T__T.........

    Yeah, I wonder why he didn't go through... Oh well, it's what America voted for. Did you vote, Moth?

    I TOTALLY forgot about our time difference X__X. I'm sorry Moth, I really am sorry :(. I didn't mean to spoil it for you :(.

    Yeah, I watched it. I was rooting for the little girl, but I guess the magician won. Wasn't he the one you were rooting for?
    Yeah but I usually see people use their opening to mobilize their more powerful pieces and control the board. The pawn thing seems like it would trap you as much as it protects you.

    But it seems to work fine for you I guess.
    I see. Just curious; I don't think I've ever seen you with a different avatar.

    Neat game. You're opening is always really interesting, the way you chain your pawns.
    Nah, I haven't used it for a while. It's my fav avvie though.
    How come you never change yours?
    Yeah, I know, but sometimes the Wii acts weird and the whole video freezes, which forces me to refresh the page and watch from the beginning. It didn't occur often, although it was annoying when it did happen.

    I'll check it tomorrow. I'm about to log off anyways.
    I know it doesn't matter. I'm just kidding with you, Moth XD.

    Well, I've gotta go. See you later, Moth ^__^.
    Sure. But if it gets stuck buffering, I usually have to refresh the whole page and re-watch it from the beginning >__>. Happened a few times with Geass. Hopefully it won't happen this time, though.

    Sure, I wouldn't mind seeing it ^__^. But I'll probably have to look at it tomorrow.
    I said "Scary" :mad088:. But I might have said "intimidating", but I may have said that just to describe your set up. I named it "The Scary Set Up".
    The only thing I really use the Internet Channel for is to watch videos on YouTube on the big screen.

    Wow, that sounds intense. Good Luck to you, though ^__^. Keep at it, there must be some hole in his game play.
    And I called the set up "Scary". Get it right, Moth >__>.
    lol JK ^__^. But I did call it "Scary", though.
    I've gotz graph paper :088:! Better than Notebook! But I probably won't draw the board... yet...

    Opera is pretty good on the Wii ^__^.
    Although, it would be better with tabs.....
    That would help. But the thing is, I don't have my own Printer, and I don't really want to pay 10 cents for a page. But thanks for the suggestion ^__^.
    Glad that I downloaded FireFox again ^__^.
    Alright, that's fine. Hope you enjoy watching, though ^__^.

    I know that. But still, I can't spend a lot of time thinking about a move >__>.
    Oh, I see. Sorry to hear that :(. Hopefully it'll load next time, if you decide to try and watch it again ^__^.

    Alright Moth, I'll try to send my moves more often. But remember, I don't have such a free schedule anymore.

    Well, I've gotta go. See you later, Moth ^__^.
    One Peice was Epic. Luffy was just epicly lulzy XD. Oh yeah, speaking of xxxHolic, have you kept watching it? Or did you stop?

    I don't have as much time to spend like you do Moth. So I can't send my moves immediately.
    Alright then. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

    I've been watching One Peice again. Should've started watching it sooner, it's so funny :rotfl:

    I guess you're right. Anyways, I'm just kidding with you XD.
    I don't think I'll be able to complete an RT chess match either (because my schedule's so full). I was just kidding anyway XD.
    Again: If you can, watch it. You won't be disappointed. It's just as amazing as Code Geass is. It's just amazing all around, and it sucked me in from beginning to end.

    I knew that the two characters sounded similar. I've got good ears XD.

    It's okay.
    You... You made move trees....? Let's play Real Time Chess so you can't make those charts anymore >__>.
    I would like to try it too. Although, the only other game my Library chess club has is "Go".

    I do want to watch them, but I've heard a bunch of rave reviews about other animes on JustDubs and decided to watch them. I haven't been disappointed by the ones I've heard reviews about. One of the first animes I saw on there was "Wolf's Rain" and I loved it, amazing from beginning to end. I'm sure I've said this before, but try to watch if you can. But don't worry, I plan on watching the animes on AS too.

    I haven't watched Code Geass in a while either. But he does sound like Lelouch a bit. I'll look up the voice actors sometime tomorrow.

    I already did make my move :p
    lol, funny thing is, that's the first mate he used on me XD. He was really skilled in using his Bishop's (and I mean SUPER skilled). He took both my Rooks out early in the midgame X__X. He really had a unique playstyle in chess. But he also ranted and raved about Chinese chess (I think he called it Shogi or something). He said he really liked playing Shogi, and he would tell us a lot about it.

    I think I'll just watch Inuyasha on AS. It'll give me some time to see some other animes on Justdubs. I'm currently watching "Spice and Wolf", "Gurren Lagann" (It's true what people say: Gurren Lagann is an Epic anime. Watch it if you can), and "Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles".

    You know the Orange haired main character in Bleach? Doesn't he sound like Lelouch from Code Geass? I'm curious, is it the same voice actor?

    I know, but I'm going to move for the reason you said in your post.
    Hey Moth, not to dissapoint you, but I know about quick mates too XD. I had a friend last year who managed to pull off two quick mates that I didn't know about before. So, I know a few things about them from him ha-ha :p

    And I've seen your message in time. I might watch Inuyasha at 1:30, since I did manage to catch the first episode two weeks ago (I'll just watch episode 2 on JustDubs).

    And sure, I'll move right now.

    I didn't notice how much time went by when I was playing FFXIII XD. Vanille is so awesome :bee:
    "I'm not all smiles and sunshine!"
    oh man... now that you mention it, i needto make more time for reading lol.
    and holy kow seriously?? thats a lot of dittoes.
    nahh i really dont need any right now lol ive got my own!
    i know its been too long :(
    ive been good though! ive been keeping busy. how about yourself??
    Sorry for the late reply. I was busy doing something else.

    So, do you have any moves to make check possible in a few moves? That must be pretty handy.

    Wait... Don't tell me you've counted how many posts we've made. That must've taken a while. But yeah, we've had LOOONG conversations XD.
    Well, as long as you don't give up you've got more of a chance of succeeding. Good Luck in your other battles, though. I sent my move back, though.
    You can do that if you want, sure.

    Well.... You better thank me for those wins >__>. But that's a good record overall. And besides, you'll get the hang of the players on Chesshere once you play them some more.
    You don't have to read it Moth. Besides, most of what's on the first page is ancient history (except the OP). Not much activity has been happening anyways, so you don't have to worry ^__^.

    Well...... It seems your great at getting draws >__>.
    No, nothing has really happened. The group has been dead due to everyone being busy with school. I'm still planning on having my match with Knubs, but we keep missing each other. What's more trouble some is that the only times he's available are Monday and Thursday; two days which aren't really that great for me.

    Good Luck in your other games ^__^.
    Online tournaments I'm in. I'm glad I was able to get into one with 32 entrants, though ^__^.

    Yeah, I'm logging onto it now to send my move.
    I guess you're right.

    Looks like none of my opponents are on right now. I guess I'll do something else for a while.
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