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  • I wish we could communicate through Skype though. Feels like you can have a more intimate conversation if you're sending messages to each other through instant-messaging. I'm curious though, I remember when we used to talk you told me you got on this site through your Wii. Do you have a computer now? Or are you still using something different to come here?
    Hey Moth! Sorry I took a bit to respond, but I was busy for the past couple of days X__X. But yeah, this new layout is weird. I feel it's a lot less user friendly. Hmm... Besides Skype though, the only other thing I use frequently is the League chat client, but I don't think you'd be one for League ^^;. I might seriously consider e-mail to talk though. It might be a bit easier to communicate that way.
    Still, thanks for remembering me ^^;. I'll try sending you an e-mail sometime, but I'll admit I have a bad habit of not checking mine ^^;. I hope we can talk again soon.
    I'm so happy you remember me! I'll probably be coming back and posting more often once I get my hands on the new Smash. I'd love to finish our chess game from ages ago xD. Still, you've probably improved much more than I have. I haven't really played much Chess; I've been focusing more on fighting games ^^;. Gosh the new layout is kind of annoying though; it'll be harder to have our long convos like we used to.
    I'd like to start talking with you again, if it's possible. If you feel like talking again with me, please add me on Skype. My Skype name should be dual_seeker. I know it must be strange hearing from me after all this time. You might not even remember me, but thank you for spending time with me back then. I hope you've been doing well after all this time. I hope we can talk again soon, Moth.
    I was just thinking I should check here in case you came back for the new Smash games. Of course I remember you. I'm still wanting to finish our last chess game. I'm not on Skype, but I can guarantee you will reach me through Chess.com (same user name) or Gmail.
    Oh my god... I don't even know if you even come here anymore or even post or... Hell if you even remember me. But today my friends and I were all talking about our days here and I remembered you. We did a lot together. A lot has happened. I know we haven't seen each other for a while, but when I remember my days here I remember a lot about you.




    Who are you again? jk

    Yeah I added you on Live thinking it might let me communicate with you since you weren't around here. Unfortunately Gold is required for messaging -_-
    Don't expect me to be on though since I don't have internet for my 360.

    So, how have you been?
    Yes, I did find it, but I don't know who moved first X__X. Was it you or me that moved first?
    Oh, I see. Thanks for the tip, Moth ^__^. I'll be sure to take it into account when I play the game.
    Oh, well there you go, you'll use Snorlax ^__^.

    No, I haven't been able to try out Skyrim yet ^^;. I'll try to this summer, though.
    OMG Ditto <3... But a Snorlax that was a self destruct Munchlax... That would be funny XD. Well... I don't know much about competitive Pokemon, but... I think I would go with Self Destruct Snorlax XD.

    I hope that helps ^^;.
    I think I'll try that next year XD.

    No, I don't think I do... I'm pretty sure I still have your PM, so I'll look at that in a sec.

    Lol XD. Well, I'm glad I was able to suggest something challenging for you XD. And sure, I wouldn't mind helping you with putting another pokemon in your team
    Losing internet... The most rage inducing thing to happen X_____________X.

    I've been good, Moth ^__^. Summer vacation has finally started for me again, so I'm going to be around here more often than before ^__^. I'm also sorry for all those times I said I was gonna post another move on our chess game, but then didn't X__X. I've really wanted to continue our games, but work has always been getting in the way X__X. Thank goodness summer is here, though XD. I can finally do things without having to worry whether or not I'll have enough time to do homework XD. It's good to see you again, Moth ^__^.
    Oh, I see. Welp, I'll think of a Pokemon that'll give a challenge then XD! Although I'm not that knowledgeable on what Pokemon are hard to use, really ^^;. I'll try my best, though ^__^!

    And I'll definitely try to make time for our Chess game!
    Alright, I will definitely heed your advice! Sounds like it'll be fun if I do get it ^^;.

    I know, me too! I just wish I could put away some time for it, but I haven't been able to ^^;. Don't worry, Skyward Sword! You will be completed someday XD!

    Sure, I'd love to help you with your Scramble Challenge! Although, from what I've read, do I have to be playing the game, too? I'll do my best to help you, although I hope I do it right XD.
    You should DEFINITELY get it if you have a 3DS! It's basically like a must now XD! Skyrim is sooo coool XD. Wish I could play it sometime ^^;. And OMG I NEED to finish Skyward Sword X__X. I haven't gotten around to playing it again X__X. I'd really like to finish it though, before I forget the story and everything X__X.
    Hey Moth, great to hear from you ^__^! How have you been?

    I've just been trying to post more often here ever since my Spring Break ^^;. I missed all of you guys XD. I've also been playing Kid Icarus: Uprising! It's suuuuchhh a cool game ^__^! If you ever get a 3DS, you should get it ^__^!
    ^^;. I guess I'm a bit guilty of playing BlazBlue during the holidays instead of coming here XD. I'm sorry about that ^^;.

    I hope so too. I haven't had time to look into MtG a lot but from what I've read, it sounds fun.
    I miss talking with you too, believe me ^^;. I've been so busy that I've barely had time to stay. If I do manage to get on here, though, I'll definitely say hello ^__^.

    *sigh* I just wish it could be summer vacation and then I could come here whenever I wanted to XD.
    Thanks Moth ^__^! I'm glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving ^__^!

    And don't worry, I did ^^;. I'm going to send the move today ^^;. Sorry for not getting the move back to you in so long ^^;.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Moth ^__^! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner that's full of happiness ^__^! Make sure to eat a lot :D!
    I feel like a super bad friend whenever I talk to you for a while, then go away for a long period of time X__X. Again, I'm really sorry for being on hiatus for so long without saying anything to you ^^;. I'll be getting some free time next week, though, so hopefully we can talk some more then ^__^.

    Also, I read a bit on Magic The Gathering, and I gotta say, it's the most complex card game I've seen in..... Ever XD. I'm gonna try and study up a bit more on it before I decide if I want to start playing it or not, though. Thanks for giving me the link ^__^!

    Well, I hope to talk to you again soon, Moth! Sorry for being a bit of a bad friend ^^;. I always feel guilty for leaving you hanging like this X__X. Hope to see you soon ^__^!
    I rarely find time to do homework in class because the stuff that's going on is either going to be on an upcoming test, or is going to be graded for classwork X__X.

    I've been sort of interested in Magic: The Gathering, but I haven't really met anyone who plays it =/. What's it about, though?
    With a combination of school and homework that takes forever to do, yeah, I've been really busy X__X.

    I'll send my move ASAP. I feel bad for not sending it for so long XD.
    MOTH!!!!! HI!!!!!!!!!!!

    First of all, I want to apologize for not really getting back to you on the chess game and our conversation X__X. I've been REALLY REALLY busy with real life stuff and.... It hasn't been fun XD. I barely have enough time to even get on here for a little while anymore ^^;. Well, I hope we can continue our chess games and conversations soon Moth ^__^! Hope to see you soon!
    No not yet  but Im looking forward to final book in the inheritance cycle
    Yeah, I will ^^;. I've been setting up my chessboard and it took awhile to find all my pieces XD.

    Oh, I can catch up online then. I'll just watch the ones I missed on Just Dubs.
    Ahh, I see. I'm the same that I haven't played in months XD. Still, you do have more stuff done than me Pokedex wise XD.

    Oh, Durarara, I heard it was a really good anime. I'll have to watch it sometime ^__^.
    I've been focusing on completing my Pokedex too. Although, I haven't really played Black in a while ^^;. Wow, you've been working hard, though. I don't think I even have more than 400 captured XD.

    Ah, I missed the animes ^^;. I keep forgetting about AS. Although the only anime they show that interests me is Ghost in the Shell, and I'm way behind on that ^^;.
    I remember I was kind of afraid I was under leveled when I went to face Alder XD. I got through it OK, though. Good Luck to you ^__^!

    Echoes does have multiplayer, but it doesn't have bots =/. You have to have other people to play with XD.

    That's fine ^__^. Just to tell you a funny story, I was playing BlazBlue online and I was facing another Noel who was way better than me. During a combo he used her Distortion drive, Fenrir, and I teched out before the last hit, but I was still in the way of getting hit. Because BB has this sort of system where damage is either magnified or decreased depending on what moves you use, the last hit of Fenrir ended up causing 4900 damage to me XD. That's about half of the health bar totally gone XD.
    I should get around to playing KEY too. I wanna see the ending to that cute story XD. That does remind me... I did finish Black a few months ago. Well I finished to main storyline, now I have to beat the Elite 4 all over again and stuff XD. I haven't played MPH in a while... Although, I wonder how MP3 would've been with Multiplayer.

    Oh, cool ^__^! I sure will!

    Thanks for the warning XD. Although, I do like the online play in BlazBlue more than in Brawl. There's almost no lag, and you can actually execute combos and stuff XD.
    Yeah, KEY is very easy going and simple ^__^. It doesn't take much effort to complete levels and things, but the game is very clever with how it executes some things.

    I'll send him a friend request sometime and see if he would like to play some BlazBlue XD.

    Well, the XBox Live Arcade does have MvC2 with online capabilities, but I haven't gotten a chance to download MvC2 ^^;. I only have the Xbox version which doesn't have live capabilities XD. And I do like to play people who are better than me so I can learn ^__^.
    Yeah, that was pretty annoying. I still liked it more than the monster thing, though XD.

    I think I was in the third area in KEY. The game is so cute, though XD. At least another Kirby Wii game is coming that sticks more to the formula, though.

    I heard some great reviews about LKS, although I never got a chance to pick it up. I'll definitely keep an eye out for it, though.

    That would be really cool, thanks, Moth ^__^. I never really got the hang of MvC3, though... I'm much more used to MvC2, although both games are pretty similar... It's weird XD.
    Ah, I see ^^;. Yeah, IRL can really get in the way of getting online XD.

    I barely remember what happened when in that game XD. I was always using the characters instead of the monsters since I liked that more instead. I didn't really like that the only two characters that were permanently in your party were only Emil and Marta (and Emil's name does NOT sound like Emil XD). I also need to finish Epic Yarn X__X. I wish I would've gotten more games done this summer, though XD. I've been getting more into BlazBlue. I've been playing the online a lot, and I'm getting better with my character XD. It's been a much more enjoyable experience than Brawl's online play.

    That reminds me, I haven't played Melee in forever X__X. The closest I got to playing Melee was that one hack for Brawl called Project M.
    I'm really sorry about not talking as much, but I have a good reason for it ^^;. This past week I've been going to band camp and it takes A LOT of my time. By the time I get back home I usually sleep for the whole day because I'm so tired ^^;. Now, though, I have a little break so I'll be sure to send you my moves on chess soon ^__^.

    Ooooh, that game! I gotta say, I didn't like it as much as the first ToS, but I did finish it. Although, I never really delved into the monster system to give you any rare information, though ^^;. Although, I wish you the best of luck in creating an awesome monster!

    Sorry for not talking as much, as I said ^^;.

    Aaah, I see. I'll see if I can read them sometime ^__^. I've been reading Dune in the meantime, though. It's a really good science novel, just like the critics say XD.
    Ah, I see. I haven't seen you in such a long time, though ^^;.

    That's alright ^__^. We can continue if you want to, Moth ^__^.

    No, I haven't actually. But now that I have some free time I might ^__^.
    Hey, it's so great to see you ^__^! I thought you had left or something ^^;. It's great to see you again, though ^__^. So how have you been ^__^?

    And things have been going OK. I've been participating in a weekly tournament. But other than that, I don't think much has changed to be honest ^^;.

    Still, it's great to see you ^__^.
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