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  • GGs! Thanks for the compliment! You're very good as well. I bet you rock at Melee. Well, thanks for playing with me. Hopefully we'll get to Brawl each other again someday.
    Your connection with him should be decent and likely better than with me.

    If only we could have all played together.
    I can't now. My Wii's in my room and I only get internet from my living room. I'm available the rest of the week from 12-4pm. If you guys end up playing without me, try to send me replays; I'd like to see how you do against each other.

    My FC is still the same. It's on my profile if you need it.

    Wanna have a warmup game or two before dualseeker gets on?

    Why would your brother delete all the data? Doesn't he still play the game from time to time? Well, if you ever want all your old custom stages back, I've still got them on my SD card.
    I'm fine with that. Just be sure dualseeker knows.

    Any specific rules, besides no items, you want for the battle? # of stocks? time limit?

    I would like to Brawl you. However, if you're too busy or don't have time, it's okay. I only asked because I would like to Brawl you. Thanks for considering, though.
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