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  • I'm starting to miss our conversations (and your smart wit) XD. Well, hope to see you soon, Moth ^__^.
    Guess what, Moth! The PM limit has been increased to 250 PMs! And there are new smilies too ^__^. And your friends list now shows 9 friends instead of just 6 friends ^__^.
    You've been gone for a while. Well, hope to see you soon, Moth ^__^. Hopefully we'll be able to talk like we used to ^__^.

    Hope to see you soon, Moth ^__^. Good luck with all your Pokemon endeavors!
    Why I never responded back to you, I will never know X__X. I'm sorry, Moth :(. And, it's okay, I've been busy too :(.

    The story was called Rogue Fox: Armageddon Soul. Here's the link again: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3877230/1/bRogue_b_bFox_b_Armageddon_Soul

    And I did read a little bit on those links you gave me... But I haven't been able to keep reading them since X__X. But I think I'll finish reading them this weekend, though ^__^. I'm sure it'll help me a lot when I start playing Pokemon again!

    And don't you think that what's shown here is basically the same as for real life? Sure, there are probably a few words missing between subbed and dubbed anime, but it's all basically the same.

    This comics pretty funny too, ESPECIALLY for a Pokemon fan XD.
    I didn't expect you too XD. I just needed to vent a little >__>. I still can't believe they did that, though.

    That quote has a lot of truth in it, Moth. So much truth....

    Anyways, I'm feeling a bit bad for that author of that story I gave to you. He's making more spelling errors, and the story is taking such slow steps towards its conclusion. Some people are even saying that the story has gone stale.....

    By the way, did you ever read it XD?
    Well, there are some days when people are just off in their game play. I'm sure he'll be back to his old self in no time ^__^.

    I can't believe the BBR's reasoning in raising Fox in the tier list... It's ******** and contradicting with the reason why they lowered Pit >__>.

    Ugh.... I'm beginning to see why people say the BBR are idiots...
    Yeah, I know ^__^. But sometimes, it seems that people get madder at me in particular.

    He held back? Well, some people do that when they're playing against someone new, for some reason. You get a lot of losses that way if you do that. Well, you have two wins, that's a start ^__^. I'm sure you'll get a lot of experience playing other people over there. You'll see ^__^.
    Sorry for the late reply. I was Brawling someone. (I seem to make people extra mad when I beat them for some reason >__>...)

    Alright, I will... It's too bad if they did move it to 5 or something >__>.

    Did you beat Tery in Chess? Why did it feel hollow? I don't like Win Rates for some reason... I'd rather have amount of wins and amount of losses. Because if you lose a bunch, and then you start winning, then your Wins rate will always be low for a while... It really doesn't reflect the amount of skill you have at the moment.
    You say that as if your RoyalBlue is unique. Do you use some kind of color engine or something?

    .......................................... T__T
    It starts at 5 now?
    *goes to justdubs instead*

    Alright, I'll check the website in a little bit. I'm watching a vid of one of the sets that Dinah and PB (members of HOR) went to. The MK Anti has is just amazing X__X. He three stocked ADHD's Diddy twice now... Both are high ranking players, by the way.
    First time I've seen you post in White ^__^.

    Thanks for reminding me, Moth! I'll be sure to watch Inuyasha. And I moved in the Chess game (and I think you moved too, right?). I won't be late for a move again, Moth ^__^. You can count on it.
    Moth... All I can say is, is that I'm very VERY sorry X__X. I remembered yesterday and I actually got on. It said I only had a minute left and I tried to make my move as fast as I could.... But I was too late X__X. I hope you can forgive me. I know I said I would do my best to check it, and I let you down. I'm really sorry, Moth T__T.
    I did, and I'll be sure to look at that later, along with the others you gave me ^__^.

    Oh.... Roy's was more powerful because of the multiple hit boxes XD.

    Sure, I'll make sure that I read those, because there are still some terms in Pokemon that I still don't really get. Thanks for giving me those links, Moth ^__^!

    I don't know if I've asked this before, but have you caught any Shiny Pokemon?

    Well, I've gotta go, Moth. See you later ^__^.
    Thanks for the links, Moth ^__^. I'll be sure to read them later! But thanks for giving them to me ^__^.

    Oh, I see. Roy's is easier to survive because it has more Horizontal Momentum, while Marth's had more Vertical Momentum. So, you could survive being knocked far away with Roy, but you couldn't survive if you went too low, and vice versa for Marth. But, if you use the "DB1" trick, then Marth gets the same range that Roy does, so it doesn't really matter XD (Except that Roy's was more powerful than Marth's). And I should've added that I miss playing it "With People" XD. The computers keep abusing Nair, and they're not the same as I remember them... and playing with people is just more fun in Melee.
    Weirdness... I could have sworn that I VM'd you a while ago.... I'm sorry, Moth, I guess it didn't go through...

    Sure, I wouldn't mind having the links to the guides ^__^. Thanks for telling me, Moth ^__^. Hopefully I'll be able to do it correctly.

    Wait, 2.0 damage affected shielding? Really? I never knew that. I did the same thing though, except that I used Marth... But Roy did it better, though >__>. But yeah, computers were generally the only thing that could force my Nephew out of his camping place XD. Well, until I became more skilled, of course ;). Melee was fun... I miss playing it now XD.
    If your friends are playing UU there's a high chance of them using Registeel if they know anything about UU.

    Agility / Flare Blitz / Superpower / Stone Edge and bulky Milotic stops you.
    Agility / Flare Blitz / Thunderpunch / Stone Edge and Registeel stops you.
    Agility / Flare Blitz / Superpower / Thunderpunch is your best bet.
    Your Blaziken wants Superpower / Flare Blitz. Other than that Registeel just sits in front of you. Depending on your lead Ambipom is going to cause issues because you don't really have a safe switch-in, as Omastar is your only resist who is then punished by Taunt / Low Kick. That's what I could get.
    I really annoyed him with Doc's Up B, but then he switched to Pika and spammed Down B >__>. Took me a while to figure out how to get through that. If only I knew that Pika's Down B could be reflected XD.
    I know it doesn't speed up training. But I do wish I had boosted stats at times, so that's why I want to use it. Really? You can speed up EV training? I wouldn't mind knowing those tricks ^__^. I might be able to EV train if I know a tip or two on how to shorten the time.

    "I actually learned how to survive by not getting hit..."

    lol, Dragon said something about a professional at the original Smash said that the best advice you could give, is to not get hit XD. The basic way to survive (and basically how I stock tank in Team Battles) XD. I remember not even guarding either. Then after getting owned by the lv. 9s due to their mastery of the shield, we (me and my nephews) decided to use it too. But that's what I did to lure my super good Nephew out of his camping spot: spam Doc's Supah Pills and annoy him XD. It was funny because we used to always put the percent damage at 2.0, so basically any Up B move was lethal XD.
    /1000 character limit >__>.
    That's fine, no need to apologize ^__^. Good Luck for the battle with your friends! I need to use EV training sometime, it'll make things so much easier... Although, I don't think I'll ever have enough time XD.

    lol, even if you don't think you're learning, you ARE XD. You probably learned how to survive for a while by being knocked out early all the time. So, you'll learn 1v1's sometime... Even if it does take a while. But lol, that's funny XD. He gets to hang out and see you guys duke it out. It reminds me of my nephew, who was always a step ahead of me in the first Smash and Melee. He would just hang out while me and his brother (my other Nephew) fought each other. Over the years, though, I started to beat him. He LOVED Temple so much XD. Didn't like playing on other stages.
    Well, you'll get it in time. All you need is practice :smash:. Besides, Pika isn't that low on the tier list. I mean, I've beaten MK's with my Pit and people say he should be D-tier XD (he really should be low B-tier, though >__>). And besides, you'll beat Nasanieru one day. You're having a huge learning experience by fighting him, so just look at what he does and try to learn from it ^__^. I would probably suck at Melee right now XD. Haven't played it in a while. I still wonder why my Doc won't work anymore, though >__>.

    Alright then, I was about to get off myself.
    See you later, Moth ^__^.
    I know that, but I want to watch them anyway XD.

    I don't think I was on yesterday either. I didn't get on until at least 1:00 A.M. Friday. And besides, you don't need to apologize, Moth ^__^. We all have a life outside Smashboards XD. Good Luck with the Smash Fest, Moth ^__^!

    Oh, sorry. I forgot. Still, EGG was a good game, albeit, it was a little bit like Zelda. My urge to play it came out of nowhere too XD.
    Alright, but just remember: I warned you.

    Thanks for reminding me ^__^. I think I'll watch Bleach and Inuyasha, at least. I'm still going to watch BeBop on JustDubs, though.

    Sorry for the late reply, though. I spent the last hour hooking up my Dream Cast to another TV. I suddenly got the urge to play EGG, and my other systems took up all the space on my other TV. Have you ever played EGG (Elemental Gimmick Gear)? It was for the Sega DreamCast, and I've gotta say, it has a pretty decent soundtrack. I'm a bit sad that I can't find any of the music for it on YouTube...
    Hey Moth. I just read this horrifying post about Majora's mask. It was really supernatural. I don't know why, but I'll give you the link to read it if you want to. I am warning you though: DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE WEAK AT HEART. I don't know why I'm giving this to you XD. I probably shouldn't... But read it if you want a good scare XD.

    Oh well ^__^. I'll ask them for one next time I go there, though.

    I still haven't looked yet X__X. I just got on, and I don't plan on staying long or doing anything else for that matter. I'll try to send my move tomorrow, though ^__^. See you later, Moth ^__^.
    The store is like a hallway. So it has more length than width. I'll ask them for a used GC controller next time I go there, though.

    Oh my, looks like you got me in a bad position XD. Unfortunately, I won't be able to check it tonight. I've gotta go. See you tomorrow, Moth ^__^.
    Oh. So that's why I never saw it in their displays XD. So they keep it behind their counters, huh? I guess I'll ask them for one next time I go there. Thanks for telling me, Moth ^__^.
    No... It's all their controllers. They don't have new First Party ones. Maybe its just the store I go to or something. I've never asked if they had used controllers and I doubt they do. But, who knows, I'll try checking some other time.
    I go to GameStop too XD. Weird, they only sell the controllers they make >__>. At least where I live in anyways.
    Thanks ^__^. Good Luck in beating the 9 day challenge ^__^!

    I would if there were any garage sales or anything like that. But there are none and no stores sell them anymore >__>. And yeah, I know that even used First Party controllers are better than the Second Party ones XD.

    Alright then.
    Yeah, I'll check the guide sometime when I start playing Pikmin again. Hopefully it'll help me win the game ^__^.

    I only had one First Party GC controller.... And it broke 2 Months ago >__>.... It lasted for at least 6 years, though. I wish I had stocked up on First Party GC controllers, though. Now I'm stuck with the Second Party controllers >__>. So, I guess the Classic Controller isn't easier? That's too bad >__>... I might have to get GC controllers from Play Asia if the second party controllers I use keep breaking...
    It was pretty hard to be accurate on the GC version, though. I thought it would be easier on the Wii version, since Olimar doesn't have to get as close to an enemy since he can throw farther. Although, I need to learn the swarming trick, because it sounds like it could help a lot ^__^.

    Alright then, sure ^__^. Good Luck in playing against your Friends! I'm sure you'll be able to have good matches with them. I'm seriously considering getting GC controllers from PlayAsia, because even the ones that I've bought are starting to have responding issues >__>. Although, I have heard that the Classic Controller was easier than the GC controller from SKy Angel, though....
    Well, I'm sure there's a way to kill enemies faster. Maybe you'll find a method of killing them much faster ^__^. It must be hard to nectar the Pikmin on the Wii. Even with swarming, I usually couldn't get all my Pikmin to suck the nectar.
    I still do hate all of them XD. It's just that Wolf just pissed me off >__>.

    :uzi: :wolf: :fox: :falco: :bigrocket:

    I fixed it, though :D.

    Ouch X__X. Well, I'm sure if you keep trying that you'll be able to beat it ^__^. Maybe you just need to multi-task more. Does the guide give you tips on how to make it easier on the Wii?
    :uzi: :wolf: :bigrocket:



    lol, yeah XD. Now he has to answer all of those questions XD. I hope I'm never asked that many, though....
    I feel like I'm being trolled by Wolf >__>.

    He shall pay for this...

    lol, he's dodged the interview for a few years XD. I know at least three people in HOR who have been waiting for this to happen for a long time XD.
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