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  • Oooh so its strictly business trolling? hmm wait duh Sunny. Its not trolling if your trolling outta spite. *facepalm*

    I'm use to furries. I dated one, (Most awesome GF ever btw) and my bestfriends boyfriend is one, so its all good. I use to ****ing haaate them though man! Like, ya know I was a mod at a populary pokemon forum right? Only reason i've stayed a mod there was to outright destory any furry activity. I'm sorry but ya ever here the term "****** my childhood"? Yeaaa they literally do that. Herp.

    I'm cool with em now though I guess. Stopped caring...

    I'm surprised ya don't troll me. D: I see like an easy target. Too easy? =p
    Its hard to tell whether your serious or just trolling since they both use the same style of wit. Soooorta like how people can't tell if i'm joking or am legitly being dumb. :V

    I kinda like steam. :> I think you too coulda been friends if ya hadn't gotten off on the wrong foot, ya know? He probably wouldn't white knight ya so much. This is just me but like...Ya'll should just ignore each others diffrences, get together and call it truce. Herp, unless ya like trolling him of course. '3'
    Are you a troll?
    I can't tell sometimes if your trolling or not. Like I think "Naaaah he ain't trolling" but then I think "Or maybe...thats just how good of a troll he is!"

    OH! And like, not trying to be a **** or anything, i'm actually curious. =p
    Meet me underneath the pier around seven tomorrow night...
    I'm being completely serious.
    How much tongue do you want?
    Let's make out whenever.
    Iroh's son dying was pretty sad.
    It's from Tales of Ba Sing Se. :mad:
    Sokka and his Haikus of ****.
    Young ladies, I rocked ya.
    Plenty of time for what?
    I want it nowwwwww.

    and arrested development movie. >:
    Yeah. They need to. :<
    You know the date for Legend of Korra? D:
    Your signature is probably my favorite haters gonna hate gif ever, damn.

    That swagger....
    summer 10 - cali gurls
    fall 10 - teenage dream
    winter 10 - firework
    spring 11 - e.t.
    summer 11 - lfn tgif
    fall 11 - totga
    winter 11 - peacock
    spring 11 - hh

    is what I would like
    good job being productive with the charts!

    and all they need to do is release a 'clean' version to radio; just a few quick edits

    like instead of "Peacock-****-****" go "Peacock-uh-huh" and such
    yeah, I go to different music sites and there are insiders

    and lol peacock is the last remaining single on teenage dream that they think could possibly hit #1
    she does deserve it

    her label is currently deciding if they want to release more singles or hold off until the next era

    if they want until the next era; they can have a good lead single and a good 2nd single and get 2 more #1s and that would be 7 #1s in a row, tying Whitney Houston's record

    or they can keep using this album, release peacock, the one that got away, and hummingbird heartbeat for 3 more top 10 hits which would beat janet jackson's record

    decisions, decisions
    pearl & not like the movies are the 2 "meh" songs
    circle the drain & who am I living for are the 2 "good" songs
    everything else is really top notch amazing
    the album is pretty much filled with 8 top notch songs and then 4 good/okay songs
    when I'm too lazy to go into the 9.7s 9.8s 9.9s etc... level; I just put things on the 10/10 9/9 8/8 level and such

    so right now I'm in a lazy mood and thus use that scale :awesome:
    iDunno, it's like asking which 10/10 song is better than the other 10/10 songs :kii:
    you make me sad spelt :( Were it not for the fact that you still have ROB as you character I'd disown you right now
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