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  • Yeah not a prob man, just gimme a ring when you get here and i'll come pick you up, only a 5 min walk, see you later, we'll get some games recorded too if you want :)
    hey you still coming to mine tomorrow? If you are, when you get to orpington, make sure to go to platform two and take the exit on that side rather than the platform 6 exit.
    sounds good to me, my number is 07964489774 so you can call me and i can come pick you up from the station
    turns out hugo's going back to uni and so seems most people in my area so it may just be us two but at least you'll be playing 100% of the time and i play all chars so it'll be like playing against loads of random ppl anyway :p
    closest station to me is orpington
    Dunno your schedule or anything but for me, mondays are best. If not monday, weekends are usually alright for me, just hit me up with a date and i'd most likely be free :)

    Young persons railcard gets you a third off of rail travel for a year, dunno how useful it will be for you though considering you're only here for a couple of months but if you buy a ticket from a machine, you could just say that you have a young persons railcard and nobody on the trains really check.
    hey if you want some games i'd be more than happy to have you over, i may live a bit out of the way for you but if you have a young persons railcard, it would only cost a fiver with a travelcard. I live in orpington btw, i think it's one tube and one train away from kensington. Not many ppl near where i live but i can probs get ppl like rustediron (sold you controller) here, he live couple of minutes away
    I live in the Graduate Village apartments. I'm free tomorrow after 2pm. Where do you live?
    Thanks, I'll definitely have to go with you. A long ride is better than no ride. Lol. Could you just tell me were you live so I know how to get there?
    Alright thanks a lot man. :D Can you pm me your address? Also, are you going to be leaving the night before or going there in the morning?
    Hey can I go with you for Saffron City? I'll chip in gas money obviously. Also, my friend Aiser wants to go too and he'd chip in. :D
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