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Sonic The Hedgedawg
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  • I don't know. You tell me. That's why I asked silly. :p

    O and Timbers, his avatar is when Ness comes home after a long day of saying "Okay!" :p
    Have fun and I'll see you later this afternoon if my internet doesn't go out today (it will be 4 for me when you get off work ;). Ooh, also, do u have a Wii and Brawl? And are u straight? I'm making sure before I say anything stupid again. XP And when I say stupid, I mean stupid. I still think your pretty good looking when you want to be. ;p
    I have two AIM screennames. The one I put on here is for Smash Bros. and MLG competition. The one I gave you is my personal one and the one I use to talk to my friends, real or online. ^-^
    Yeah, what happened, sucks...

    I can't believe a mod changed it to such a spam-baiting title...
    Heyo. I'm coming around to friend the people I talked to in the old thread. After last night's events, I'm not sure if I want to stick around SWF right now. But, I'd like to keep in touch with everybody. Okie dokie

    are you competing in debate with your power on smashboards?
    Snake quickly gained popularity and now hes probably the single most used character in competitive play. No rlly. Its good to be a Snake fan.

    Sonic The Hedgedawg, I totally feel you. Looking back.....instead of Wolf, they could of added totally original characters like Leon and Andrew with awesome new Final Smashes like landmaster. LASERS, REFLECTORS, and EVEN SEX KICKS OMG!
    It's all about Pikachu. I had a good run on Brawl Central when I started the Pikachu clan, but one character gets old in Brawl, so I picked up Fox, Link (not ghey TL) and Mario.

    I get bored with Brawl though, I played Melee for the first time since brawl came out the other day, and I was like "Holy D*mn...this is crazy" lol I still play on occasion though.

    Nice to hear from ya! What have you been up to?
    Well I coped... I expirimented with a number of different mains before finally deciding on Zelda... but I still REFUSE to play wolf out of principle
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