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  • well i thought it was interesting that you had an mtg card as your opening page lol
    lol... actually I don't have much of an ego. I just feign one in conversation >_<

    and thanks for loving my response... just the kinda guy I am.
    I personally think it's funny that hiemie mod****s the title and then it gets closed because it "gets out of hand."

    Like, I don't have nothing against the guy, and I thought the title edit was funny, but seriously. CK kind of exaggerated in his reasoning for closing it lawl.
    lol... don't worry I'm not mad at you or anything... It's just guys can have frineds that are girls without wanting to date them... gay guys can have friends who are dudes that they don't wanna be boyfriends with. It's not like we see each other in real life, so that shouldn't matter... so why does it matter whether I'm straight or gay to you? it won't happen anyway... so I'd rather you just treat me as a human instead of as a straigh guy or a gay guy ;)
    okay... see you then bud ;-) I DO have a brawl and a wii... I'm a semi-pro Zelda/Shiek main and I have some relatively strong secondaries. it'll be fun if we play. Am I straight? do I have to keep answering this? (avoids answering) what do you think :d oh, but I'm COMPLETELY fine with you continuing to compliment my looks ^_^

    (Yes Timbers.... yes you do =-P)
    not mush besides work... which happens to last from 10:30 to 7:00 (eastern time) tonight.
    But, yeah, I'll definiely be on when I get back home ^_^

    Good morning to you too ^_^
    wow... looks like EVERYONE is trying their best to fix this problem ^_^.

    oh and... thanks for yout REAL AIM address since I guess the one in your profile was a lie?
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