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Heartless Prince Of Light

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  • I'm sorry for the thread and what's being going on with your life. Contact me if you need someone to talk to or listen to. My AIM is: KingAsianPride

    *I know the Asian part in my screenname sucks. I was an immature kid who made my name when my friend called me white-wash. -_-
    sorry about the thread dude... this sucks... and right when you needed us most. well... hit me up on AIM if you wanna chat between now and 1 week ^_^
    Heyo. I'm coming around to friend the people I talked to in the old thread. After last night's events, I'm not sure if I want to stick around SWF right now. But, I'd like to keep in touch with everybody; maybe through IM. Okie dokie
    Gerudo valley of course... what kind of question is that? gerudo valey > everything (besides a select few sonic songs for nostalgia)
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