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  • O.o where did you find that video? I looked all over for it, but I can't find it D:
    O.o Uhm. I went to a big tourney called HERB to on July 25th and 26th. That's where that's from.

    That happens to me sometimes. It's because of the lag. Usually I want one climber to jump and ice block, but I guess I tapped the jump button two times and input one command for the ice block which makes two of them jump, and one shooting an ice block.
    To be honest I can't do pivot desynch yet, but I accidentally do it sometimes. Though I do a similar one... like...

    Dashing backwards then dashing forward then use a special. Kind of a version of both pivot desynch and dash dance.
    Sorry for disconnecting; I lost internet connection because my mom's using her laptop and calling on the phone, which directly connects to this computer from LAN's and Wi-Fi can't handle it. I guess this issue's back from reinstalling Wi-Fi last week. ;__;
    Sure. :p Just give me a minute or so; I have to do something.

    Then I can give you tips afterwards for your characters, lol.
    well all I can say is that once u grabbed me u did good but grabbing a person can be hard some times. So I recommend that u focus on trying to fake out the foe so that u can get in a grab.

    Also, IMO I think u should learn how pass the foe back and forth while u are in the midths of chain grabbingg them cause it increase damge rather fast then doing the forced stand up combo with the ice blocks.

    Overall, you are not bad AT ALL. U just need more experience which is easy to get...... Just go to more events.

    But anyway, u did good. Thanks for playing me!!!
    Nah, I wont be making it this round. :( Oh well. Technically I would say I main Kirby cause I play him more than anything, but I am attempting to learn Jiggs so I can main her instead. You?

    Btw, good luck tomorrow. :)
    Read your post on Houston boards - you wanna be there by 11. That's when registration starts.
    Lol sure we can have some matches sometime if you like but my Wi Fi has been acting up recently :( I'm having very bad lag issues. Also, I'm from the UK so our lag might be rubbish anyway

    But yea, we can have some matches sometime :) Just post a message here when I'm online and I'll see what I can do
    Oh, I'm 13, it's in my profile.

    Btw, sorry about PMing you about it. I saw you didn't answer much..
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