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  • Can't wait to here what happens next........ ... .. ... .. .. . .. . ... ....... . .. . .. . . .. . . .. .
    wilda (ventus) 580g (deka).
    lumagrowl (haos) 700g.

    -gate cards
    darkened fury (gold), Players with a darkus bakugan in their used or unused pile gets +100 g-power to their bakugan at this battle.
    +80 pyrus
    +120 aquos
    +200 subterra (highlighted)
    +0 haos
    +50 darkus
    +210 ventus

    triangle gate (silver)
    +50 pyrus
    +100 aquos
    +100 subterra (highlighted)
    +100 haos
    +50 darkus
    +50 ventus

    -misc. merchandise
    bakugan battle arena

    another thing i must mention, i also got a PS3, but i have no idea what ps2 games it is compatible with. i'm hoping it's compatible with Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots, because i would like to get that game someday, but i don't know if it'll be able to play it. the PS3 slim is a 120gb/go, & the number is CECH-2101A. it says that it has limited backwards compatibility, but i really don't know if it's compatible with the right game. so, if you can help, please do.
    Damn I did spill to much LOL!

    I'll try again................ . . ... .. .... .

    Name of Story: Missing peices or.... ... . I don't now

    New Villians-

    Backstory- Wondered around SSBB land after he was sent there from a portal He staired at the puzzle on the wall in an area ankown yet. It was missing *** peices.
    Qoute:"My shows better then yours"

    Kevin- (Ed, Edd, Eddy)
    Backstory- He left the coda sack in search of Power. He found a jigsaw, he didn't now what it was at first till he met Wilfre who was told by someone else what its for.
    Qoute:"If I'm going to work for you to achieve my goal then pay me in Jabreakers Mud breath"

    King K rool- (Donkey Kong Country)
    BackStory- He gave up on the control of the jungle. He decided to try and gain power else were. He joins Wilfre on the search for the jigz
    Qoute:" Its Open but... but how?"

    New Allies

    Munchlax- (Pokemon)
    Backsotry- His trainer accidently threw him into a portal, possibly on.......
    .. *.
    Qoute:"I was stuck in there for 35 Days....I... can..."

    -King Dwee Dwe Dweb(Stars as King Dee dee's created half)
    Backsotry- D3 decided he needed someone to Boss around so....
    Qoute:"I like Cheeze don't you Fret Fret Burgur"

    -Jerry Spinger(Jerry Springer)
    Backstory- It is yet to be nown how the hell he got here but he found this object that had color on it like it connects to something. It was the treasure of Peecock island and was what the Hero was searching for
    Qoute:"Fighting each other want help us hopefully"



    Other Villians
    George (Rampage)
    Johnny 2x4... some how]

    John Cena
    Sheep (Sheep in the big ??????)

    and lots more... if capable

    Download trailers at @kid
    The game will be in stores July 9th

    ............................. . .. .... . ... ......... ....... .. . .. . . .. .. ... . .. ... . . . . ............ . . . . . . .
    For some reason I couldn't wait...


    It be cool if like old characters were brought back and new characters were introduced. Also Maybe 2 old Enemys and 3 new one's. I just thought like it be cool if some Origin or something was in it.
    it will be 5 bad guys and the objects that are the objective of the hero of the event/story will be crystal stars... or jigsaw... yea jigsaw's because they'd have to get all of these Jigsaw's that they would have to collect and to fill up a picture on the wall that would open up a door thats been closed for thousands of years witch opens by its self every thousandth year.. (Banjo, Paper Mario reference). Whats in the door is a huge Dugeon that coffins the evil spirit Hadas, are old enemy.
    Wilfri, and other bad guy's you have in mind are searching for these Jigsaws but at the same time the Hero witch can be any hero of your chose is against them They will be against each other because they want to control what ever's in that door for them selfs... basicly its will not be bad guy teamed with bad guy although avcorss the Bad guys still have there sidekick....
    The Hero's mission is to travel and get the Jigs, along with his team.. also each bad guy found a peice in the story and as there fightng each other, the hero goes into one of the bad guys evil Layers and takes there found jig.
    As the boss goes to the storage were he put his jig he see's its missing.. he thinks its one of the other bad guy so he gets his army and goes to one of the other bad guys layers and battles him, as they battle in the layer dastracting each other the hero and cO. still the attacked bad guys Jigy then he goes and searches for the rest. When thoughs to bad guys stop for a breather the one that was attack notices his jigy is gone. looking confused he say's, hmm maybe the person who stole your's must have snuck in here and stole mines because I was destracted.... The other bad guy leaves and say's I will find this thief and get both those jigy's then go and get the other ones. The hero and Co. stills the Jigs from the other layers, once he find them all he rushes to the door but realizez that its opened... but how he wondered.
    One of his Friends who nows alot about the the door say's that its been 1000 years, the door opens every thousand years. Not nowing one of the bosses went in(one of your choose) and reserected Hadas. The Hero's go in and travel through the dungeon thats filled with enemys and other wacky characters. they see hadas and the bad guy that went in at the end.
    The bad guy forces Hadas to attack, hadas not doing so the bad guy tells him again
    "I don't listen to anyone" and zaps the bad guy with lightning paralyzing him. Hero and Co. fight Hadas.... in the middle of there fight the other bad guys come...they see that Hadas works only for him self, Hero telling them "if this thing gets out to the world it will be the end, we should put are differences aside and battle this thing.
    They all fight it, and halfway defeats Hadas but Hadas opens a portal and jumps through it.
    everyone else decides to jump into the portal, it warps them back to the entrance, Hadas saying "you can't stop me" he creates a huge blade and makes zomie like creatures(looks like those things from god of war) come out the ground. This is the last battle, Hadas and his Army vs the Hero and Co. plus the villians.
    I tryed

    My neck hurts
    The anniversary of my forum fight storylines is fast approaching.

    As you may no doubt remember, quite a while back i introduced the concept of storylines to forum fight, and later generated it's own separate thread. And now, the 1-year anniversary of the storyline beginning is soon coming.

    I am planning to do a special storyline in celebration of this, i am holding off on posting in there until i get a good premise together. I am open to suggestions of what the plot of the episode/chapter should be. these are the guidelines and restrictions:

    1. It must be a spectacular event.
    2. It has to change some aspect of FFTSF.
    3. It must introduce a new character as the main villain.
    4. It cannot be a clip show, they suck.
    5. Nobody can post a new plot in Forum Fight: The Story Forum until i have put up the first post of the story.
    6. It must be good, no trollin'. trolls will be ignored.
    7. All rules of the thread still apply.
    8. Give it your all to think up a good plot, don't hold back!

    you can make your own premise for the special story, or enter your ideas for these predesigned plots:

    The Forum Fighter Union has decided to bring back the human characters of the Lilo & Stitch franchise and restore everyone's memories, using princess bubblegum's formula for the improved decorpsinator serum and an ancient memory restoration spell by Shirley the Medium. however, upon completion of the decorpsinator serum, [insert name of villain(s) here] runs off with it. now the forum fighters, forum fighters west, and forum fighters DS, with the aid of [insert new ally(s) here], must re-obtain it before [insert name of villain(s) here] can use it for their own evil purposes!

    A new villain has shown his face in the world of Smashboards. he is ruthless, cunning, swift, and is destroying everything & everyone. and now smashfan666 and his team must kick his *** before he kills us all!

    For many a while now, member of the Forum Fighter Union have been disappearing one by one, and nearly all of smashfan's team has been separated. now, the remaining forum fighters must scour the boards to find out who, or whom, has been stealing members of the forum fighters.

    i am utterly stumped. now's YOUR chance to design the premise of a main story! if i like your plot the best, you'll see it improvised on FFTSF starting the day of the deadline!

    (DISCLAIMER: all entries final, none can submit more than once, entry closes on December 21, 2010. restrictions apply, results may vary, many will enter, one will win)
    and NOW, my laptop's on the fritz, so i have to go back to using this piece-of-**** eMac. but i guess a really crappy internet connection is better than no internet connection.
    well, we got rid of our cable, so i can't watch TV right now. but, a digital box is on it's way, so once it's here, i'll at least be able to watch local channels.

    percival (darkus) 550g



    pyrus boost-150 (highlighted)
    aquos boost-170
    subterra boost-100
    haos boost-130
    darkus boost-100
    ventus boost-80

    effect- Each Percival recieves an additional G-Power bonus from this card


    percival (2 in.)

    aranaut (pyrus) 730g


    jetkor (silver) 50g

    cards (new ones only)-

    normal-VR arena #1

    pyrus boost-150
    aquos boost-150 (glowing boost)
    subterra boost-200
    haos boost-180
    darkus boost-130
    ventus boost-50

    ability-doom wind start

    effect-Play at the start of your first turn, if you have both Darkus and Ventus in your force: Take an extra turn after this one.

    battlegear card-jetkor

    pyrus effect- Flip 2 coins. +80 G-Power for each heads.
    aquos effect- +100 G-Power if you have fewer Ability cards in your used pile than your enemy.


    bakucapsule (red)

    Naga (special Nintendo DS edition) (white) 650g

    (SPECIAL NOTE: a white (atributeless) bakugan gains the g-power boost of the highligted (glowing) attribute boost)



    pyrus boost-150
    aquos boost-50
    subterra boost-90
    haos boost-70
    darkus boost-50
    ventus boost-100 (glowing boost)

    effect-The player with the fewest Gate cards in their used pile adds all of their used Ability cards to their unused pile.


    Bakugan Battle Brawlers video game (Nintendo DS)
    no, but i do have megaman anniversary collection (original series) for the gamecube. i think flash man was the first boss i ever beat in that game... either him or tomahawk man... one of those 2...
    i just got a new keyboard! HELL YEAH!!! now i don't have to take snippets of text from pages just to search for "the cake is a lie"! w00t!
    i Cant remember mine...

    and now my keyboard's broken, so i have to use clippings From other sites...

    sh*t... we can still fit the battle in, i'm sure of That!

    our mains, battlefiald, 11:00. be ready!

    EDIT: Green Camouflage Helix Dragonoid (online code) (ventus) 740g


    normal (i think, it's silver but no description)-weak wind

    pyrus boost-200 (glowing boost)
    aquos boost-100
    subterra boost-250
    haos boost-300
    darkus boost-150
    ventus boost-50


    effect-Play during a battle against a Haos or SubTerra: You get the Gate Bonus one extra time as long as that Gate Bonus is not the highest one.
    i will also keep you up-to-date with any new bakugan items i get! recently i got this:


    gorem (subterra) 450g



    pyrus boost-80
    aquos boost-110
    subterra boost-50
    haos boost-120 (glowing boost)
    darkus boost-30
    ventus boost-150

    effect-Each Gorem receives an additional G-Power bonus from this card.


    gorem (2 in.).

    i was originally going to get a bionicle stars Tahu set, but i thought that day was a bakugan kind of day. (it was tough decision between that & the haos skyress)
    thnx1 :) oh, and i've figured out the problem with my brawl disc (i think), my wii just needs to be repaired. i'm sending it out soon...
    Not a bad Idea smash

    Should make a thread called

    Fourm Fight story version

    But I'd wait till were done with the story in Fourm Fight
    oops... well, crud. turns out my copy of brawl isn't working so well... i'll try and get that fixed as soon as i can.
    Are you done with the forum fight thread, I'm waiting for one of you to post..
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