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  • U Kay? the FFTSF thread is 3rd from the bottom on the 1st page. i've had to resort to adding to the latest post 9 times (8 of them for shorts, and one of those shorts including a rant on the matter) just to keep it afloat. that's pretty bad. nevermind, i caved and require-bumped to advance the plot a smidge.

    to prevent early death i'd suggest subscribing to the thread and keeping up with the posts, because i'd like to at least finish 'Missing Pieces or.... i dont now' and do 3 more before letting the thread die. those 3 will be kinda lengthy, but also very epic. the last of which i would need to get a good premise for, but i have the gist pretty much together (we'll get to it when we get to it).
    Oh! To answer your question on that question you posted in the Online Discussion board (which is now locked. Ahem.), I don't know which Luigi I was. You will always appear to be the 1st player when you fight, unless you save the replay of it. But I do remember that Toon Link using his d-air quite a lot. :)
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