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  • Yoooooo... Register for Apex if you can and if not I'm sorry bro. Hope to see you maybe : D

    (its me Sumo with diff name)
    No one, im looking for other sonic mains that can help me on my sonic, any links or vids? :)
    piaxy? i heard that your in the NW? if thats true then add me on msn. if you dont have msn then get it =P because uk smashers dont use aim.
    Haha it really isn't that good for me tbh, i've placed top 5 a couple of times before... I think there were over 40 ppl
    Also, Smash GT2 is at the end of march and is a big two day event. Should be on the regional section, you should def check it out, gonna be huge.
    I placed pretty crap tbh, only 9th, keep getting beaten by the same person in pools and bracket :/
    Also, the one in manchester is fully booked, and I don't know about the next weekend after but i'm going to a mate's bday so i'm not doing any smash then.
    I guess I'll maybe see you at Smash GT2?
    Also, I don't have AIM i'm afraid, only msn
    And you've been on the boards for 8 years!!! How old are you lol?
    Oh lol. Yeah sometimes I don't even remember adding someone...

    I'm trying to get to 1k for now. And then probably 2k.
    chain throwing is the only thing I think is broken and wobbleing other than ice climber chain throws anyone can get out of them with good sdi.

    edit: in blueeeeeglad to see another pichu poster. I think pichu is best when you outsmart them I only camp in pichu dittos and I rarly chain throw. I just mix up and be really hard to predict like m2k was telling to nair him he was going to grab me straight out of the air I DDed around for 1/2 minute and perfect up-Bed into an up-smash I think I heard a few ohh shorty later he stopped useing gannon. But yeah be unpredictable and slip though the cracks and F*** with their head, invent your own tactics switch up how you play as bunch I really feel like I don't nair that much.

    It's a better plan over all but you also want to do good with combos something I don't
    Not my first i've been to 2 brawl only ones to play melee :p but yeah I got ***** what should I expect I play someone who can't even SHFFL, in truth most of my training is done in my head so i'm more about mindgames. I did much better than I thought I would I won a few matches and I did better as pichu vs m2k's sheik than a fox did I at least got in 100% in one match unlike him.

    of course on the recording tv I played pretty crapy :( I mean one match I 2 stocked a really good marth. And I woould have taken 1-2 stocks off of m2k's gannon if he didn't quit out of pride. D*** him that was worse than going 3 matches in a row getting grab ***** by his sheik(I loled the whole way though).

    I didn't get out of pools But I learned many things like
    pichu's F-smash beats a full load of needles
    I shouldn't be more afriad of pichu vs gannon than pichu vs sheik.
    I have a much better feeling of pichu vs marth
    perfect up-B is super legit if it worked on m2k a few times(didn't get punished for it once all day, but I never spam just in case)
    Falco's make me sad :(
    mindgames are more important than combos unless it's like mindgame to land a nair vs a drakrain combo or something. but mindgames are more important because there are more set ups.
    what I need to work on
    I'll be called to good if I keep this up and keep getting better.

    edit I got ***** and side-B is pretty underated LOL it's better than you would think
    Yeah I agree! The SMB 3 looks are great too. : D (And yoshi's island and other looks) Mario is sooo good. Yeah I'm obssessed with Mario lol.

    Yeah, actually I'm about to log off, but I'll add you on Aim yeah! : D

    So yeah talk to you later. Maybe in FG or aim if I get on again. : D
    Thanks Paixy! You should check out my sig too! It has Mario and Yoshi as well. Yeah, I don't really like making mario and luigi's new looks as a sig. Some looks I like, like Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga looks, etc.

    But thanks I appreciate that! It took me some time to make that. xD I actually will make more sigs based on the mario series. Hehe
    Here is a video tutorial on how to do it:

    And Infinity Ward has sent the patch to fix this and many other game exploits/glitches to Microsoft and it will patched very soon. You can also do the same thing with sentry guns and emergency air drops. (LOL I always throw like 10 EADs for my team!)

    And what do you play MW2 on? PC? PS3? Xbox 360?
    Hey do I know you?

    Seem to be your only friend in 8 years so yeah, I dunno lol. Live in the UK at all?

    And you have a name very similar to one of my friends :p
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