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  • still kinda stuck on part 10, in the middle of writing a flashback sequence. i know what i want to do after that, but for witty actions and dialogue in the flashback, i'm still confused on what i wanna do. afterwards, i got everything up until Nny tells the HR evil leo's fatal weakness all planned out, though. i'm thinking on what should come after that point, though.

    so yeah, it's progressing smoothly with only a few snags. :)
    hmm looks like PS3 it is then. (lol johnny bravo)

    Btw how's your thing coming along?
    signs are pointing to no for the wii version, but i saw a Playstation Network brand on the PS3 cover, so it must be for that version. it's not very clear if the xbox version will have online, but i can see that they tried for the ps3 version. and yes, the inclusion of Captain Planet is freaking awesome :cool:.

    and with the 8 new playable characters in XL (some of which were assists in the not-quite-as-well-recieved 3ds version, btw), i'm looking forward to playing as Kevin Levin, Hoss Delgado, the Scottsman, the Toiletnator, Ben Tennyson from the ORIGINAL series, Johnny Bravo, and especially Aku.

    as for the synergy attacks, activating them is simply picking up an assist cube, and if you happen to get your character's synergy partner, there you go. for example, Captain K'nuckles and Stickybeard. for this one, Stickybeard arms K'nuckles with multiple cannons, climbs onto him, and as you move around the stage for a while, Stickybeard will fire off the cannons for massive damage to opponents. i saw that one in action for one of the gameplay videos.
    I went on youtube and looked it up and now I see why you like it, it looks like a smash bro's ripoff kinda game. I want it now just because it has captain planet and mojojojo. XD tbh I thought it was gonna be a free online computer game. But my question is... does it have online play?
    each of the 3 versions of the console game costs a different price, but they're all available at local retailers (at least i hope so). the PS3 version, which is the one i'm planning to get, is around $35.99. the xbox 360 version is $36. the wii version is the cheapest at $27. the reason i'm not getting the wii version is because the only wii in my house is in the living room, so i rarely get to use it because my parents are always watching stuff on netflix.

    and i agree, being getting strangled to death, let alone with one arm, is pretty frightening... especially when you're frickin' bleeding at the neck. though i find it enhancing to evil leo's character, mainly the fact that he loves to watch his victims suffer.
    Dang your a good artist and Poor aeris :(. I just think getting choked to death is a scary way to go, it actually made me feel bad when I had to watch my guy strangle the bad guy to death at the end of COD Black ops. I also learned in psychology that not being able to breath is a built in worst fear and causes the most panic when it happens, it's also one of the hardest (if not the hardest) training tests that the navy seals have to go through without panicking.

    oh alright then, I thought that maybe his hat fell off when he was attacked. I knew he had a wario hat though. XD

    Lol that's awesome, I've heard of it before and I really like the name so I might as well give it a try. BUT does it cost money? O.O
    yeah, i know it's kinda contradictory of me to make leo kill himself, but it was just a test to see how people would react, it's also that it isn't the same as... yeah... and because i'm thinking of making a version where he chokes aeris to death later >:D (muhuhahaha!)

    EDIT: for clarification purposes, Leo IV is the guy who was wearing a yellow biker hat all the time, he was one of my avatars at one point, and shown as my avatar during the one pic i put up in the "Grab the first thing you see, and now..." thread. i'm sure you'll find it if you go back a few pages.

    anyway, things've been going alright. CARTOON NETWORK: PUNCH TIME EXPLOSION XL was released THIS MORNING, NOVEMBER 15, 2011! i'm sure anyone who didn't like the original are gonna love XL. new characters, new stages, cartoon clips, new costumes, a new feature (synergy attacks), what the hell else could make it any better?
    That's actually kinda funny terrible! D=
    why you making evil Leo kill regular Leo? (isn't that why you hate aeris in the first place? XD) Or is that Leo IV?

    Hey, how ya doin?
    lol okay I'll be sure to watch it then. (when no one's around)

    (lol'd) That's the same month of my brothers birthday! [SPOILER]and 80% of my family's xD[/SPOILER]
    Since you told me yours, mine is August 26, 1993.
    Thanks for sharing. ;3c
    people are saying it gets really good around episode 3, maybe you should watch that one. i personally got interested around episode 2, but that's probably just me.

    to answer your second question, i prefer to keep that information private. it's just common sense, really. but since my current age doesn't seem to be a secret any more (i swear to god, i'll flipping find whoever leaked that and beat them with my paper mache piconjo sword X[), my birthday is February 15th, 1996.
    Kay now I'm curious. What got you and ALL the others into MLP?
    is there a specific episode when it gets good at or joke, etc? Cuz I watched the first two episodes and I don't get it. <_<

    Also if you don't mind me asking, whens your birthday? :3
    Y-YOU'VE.... YOU'VE........ YOU'VE BEEN PONIFIED!!!!
    *cries in corner* ;~;
    i'm glad you liked them :)

    truth be told, i'm actually kind of stuck thinking on stuff for chapter 10 right now... :\

    oh my, it appears i've had a brain fart. the scent is of darkness, and catnip... hmm, yes quite...
    *reads them* :glare:
    Lol Is this a joke? This isn't good. You think anyone would like this? No. Because THEY'D LOVE IT!!! And it's like totally :awesome:. Seriously I was into it at chapter 1, and I normally hate reading, just about anything....

    And how dare you leave me hangin like that :glare:. I must know what happens next! So yeah, you KNOW I'll be reading the rest when it's published. :)

    (But seriously though, thanks for the sneak preview) :)
    glad you got them! i'm considering posting the fic at either or Archive of our own. i'm still deciding. i normally don't want to use anything i have to pay for through online means, which means i was almost stuck defenseless in terms of antivirus until i got AVG.
    I got them but I haven't read them yet but I will when I have more time. (prob this weekend) can't wait to read it though. :)

    @email: Lol Ikr... Where you gonna post it at? Btw, I'm a writer Too and I'm in the middle of the process of making characters and their bio's and plot. (there's alot of editing involved in this lmao)
    there we go, email sent! :) i just hope you got the parts as attachments, i'm not sure how that works for swf. :/
    w8 w8 w8.......You wrote the fic? O.o
    NICE! *highfives* :awesome:

    Yeah sure that'd be cool to get a sneak peak at it. And thanks!
    Here's my backup Email...
    i haven't posted the fic yet, i'm waiting until i finish it before i put it somewhere. but i can email you the chapters i have ready so far. i'll just need to know your email address so i can send you the attachments. just as a warning, though, the first 3-or-4 chapters are quite possibly a bit dull, slightly repetitive, and may move a bit quickly and bland. so don't expect anything too fancy until chapter 5.

    and yes, i drew my avatar in paint.
    Can you link me to this "fanfic" about "evil Leo" plz?
    (i'm not mocking when I use the quotes.)

    And you did draw your Avy, yes?
    Which zero are you wanting in smash4? Rockmanzero or the zero in mvc? I want the rockman style zero.
    aww.... :sadsheep:
    You mean like... Rage quit? or they don't get online to brawl?
    lol yeah that was pretty bad... she's still a funny character though.
    and do you brawl online? :3

    my new laptop has finally arrived! keep in mind that since it's a windows system and that i am still getting used to it, it might interfere with a few things, but also might make some things go better than before. best part, i won't have to have an eyesore of a time trying to look at the screen! that's all for now, everyone. later!

    my computer is... how do i describe it... the picture is waving around like a static screen. it's unbearable for me to look at, i feel like i'm taking an eye exam trying to read everyone's posts! if anyone has a way to help, that would be great. i use an eMac, because my iBook G4 is temporarily indispose for an undisclosed period of time. the waviness is, for some reason, only affecting the top 3/4ths, as the lowemost 4th is functioning perfectly. please hurry, it feels like looking into a virtual boy!
    --{NEW BAKUGAN}--


    Aquos Mutant Elfin (g-power roulette) different g-powers: 650g, 800g, 850g, 950g, 1000g, and 1150g.

    NOTE: mutant elfin, and similar roulette bakugan, spin when opened and have a needle pointing forward. whatever g-power it lands on when opened will be it's g-power for the battle.

    --ability cards--
    Predictable Muck
    effect: Play before you roll a Pyrus or Haos Bakutactix™: You may reroll if you miss. if you stand, you may respin

    --gate cards--
    pyrus boost: 150
    aquos boost: 150
    subterra boost: 100 (highlighted)
    haos boost: 50
    darkus boost: 50
    ventus boost: 100
    --{[Advice on Bakugan]

    i know how not highly most of you think of bakugan. but for the likely very low percentage of you here who actually do like it, here's some tips i came up with, and found around the net, for playing and collecting bakugan.

    -keep in mind that most bakugan apparel (deka bakugan, costumes, bedsheets, etc.) will NOT help you in battle in any way.

    -be sure to get plenty of items designed for keeping bakugans in, such as BakuTins, BakuRacks, BakuClips, BakuCapsules, etc.. they are useful for protecting, storing, and organizing your bakugans.

    -when looking for new bakugan, KEEP A SHARP EYE OUT FOR SPECIAL TREATMENT BAKUGAN! these kinds generally will appear different from regular bakugan, and often have special effects. such as translucent bakugan, for example. translucent bakugan appear with, obviously, a translucent version of whatever attribute it originally has. the effect of a translucent bakugan is that you can choose to either copy the opponent's attribute (which is the effect of a completely clear bakugan), or keep your standard attribute

    -if you plan on buying a deka bakugan, do so ONLY for the following 2 reasons:

    --1. collecting deka bakugan.
    this is a pretty standard reason most people are foolish enough to do this for, as deka bakugan cannot be used in battles. though they have printed G-power, it's completely useless and there just to tease you *although some people have set up matches that use ONLY deka bakugan in leu of a real match*.

    --2. collecting gate cards.
    like regular bakugan, deka bakugan come with an enclosed gate card. this is generally the more sensible reason to buy a deka bakugan.

    -it is best to, if possible, have multiple decks organized.

    -you do not necessarily have to have all your bakugan be only 1 attribute. especially present with ability cards such as Doom Wind Start.

    -please be advised that some bakugan from the show (such as 5'th paladin & dryoid) may not be available at this time.

    -when trying to tell the difference between real and fake bakugan, LOOK FOR THE SCREWS. unlike real bakugan, which are made with triangle-head screws (and also completely flat ones for certain limbs of certain bakugan) so as to not make them easy to take apart, false bakugan are made with philips-head (+) screws. also, coloring is mismatched in some cases.

    -bakugan with the ability to change their attribute (such as preyas, elfin, or any clear/translucent bakugan) will sometimes be helpful in certain cases.
    megaman & bass custom robot CD data megaman 11 robot ideas (part 2)

    -Forest Man

    A robot created to restore the environment. he doesn't care for anything that doesn't have to do work wildlife preservation
    "Another day, another hedge..."

    good point: battery-powered
    bad point: needs to recharge often
    likes: granola
    dislikes: smog

    -Guitar Man

    Lead singer in an all-robot rock band, guitar man can channel his musical prowess into the guitar wave.
    "Rock on!"

    good point: plays guitar well
    bad point: calluses
    likes: amplifier
    dislikes: broken string

    -Negative Man

    A battle-grade robot who channels his despair into his negative pit weapon.
    "When will someone scrap me?"

    good point: formidable opponent
    bad point: emo
    likes: junkyards
    dislikes: optimism

    -Positive man

    Negative man's brother. unlike negative man, positive man is always energetic and happy.
    "Think positive!"

    good point: optimist
    bad point: oblivious
    likes: everything
    dislikes: absolutely nothing
    personal update-

    megaman & bass custom robot CD data (robots i made up for my idea of robots for megaman 11)

    -Caffeine Man

    A robot designed to work at a local cafe. he pumps approximately 50,000 gallons of black coffee into him to sustain himself.

    good point: speedy
    bad point: hyper
    likes: java
    dislikes: decaff

    -Med Woman

    Med woman was designed to study diseases and develop prescription medicines.
    "Doctor's orders!"

    good point: medically able
    bad point: sassy
    likes: defibrillator
    dislikes: loud noises

    -Polar Man

    Polar man was created for maintaining cold temperatures in the zoo's arctic wing.
    "Chill out, bro."

    good point: keeps a cool head
    bad point: ice cold
    likes: cool weather
    dislikes: scalding heat

    -Tennis Man

    A robot designed to be a tennis instructor. he has an intense rivalry with strike man.
    "Foul ball!"

    good point: excellent serve
    bad point: forceful
    likes: challenging curveball
    dislikes: foul out

    (second half in next update)
    Darkus Dharak (750g)

    ability cards-
    Armor pierce (blueish-grey)
    pyrus +100
    subterra +100
    description:Play during a battle were there is gold gear: add g-power based on attribute.

    gate cards-
    Strikeflier (gold)
    pyrus +200
    aquos +80
    subterra +100
    haos +50
    darkus +130 (highlighted)
    ventus +150
    description: Strikefliers get the gate bonus twice.
    Aquos Fencer (780g)
    Ventus Avior (600g)
    Pyrus Phosphos (760g)
    Darkus Rubanoid (750g)
    Darkus Aranaus (720g)
    Darkus Foxbat (620g)
    Subterra Dharak (620g)
    Subterra Strikeflier (600g)

    ability cards (new only)-
    Flash Lance (red)
    description: Play before you roll a Haos: If there is a battle this turn, the Bakugan with the lowest printed g-power gets +100 g-power.

    Sun Fire Start (red)
    description: Play at the start of your first turn if you have both Haos & Pyrus in your force: Take an extra turn after this one.

    Late Sunrise (blueish-grey)
    haos +200
    description: Play during a battle on your enemy's gate: Add g-power based on attribute.

    G-power up (blueish-grey)
    aquos +80
    darkus +80
    ventus +80
    description: Play during a battle: Add g-power based on attribute.

    Conform (green)
    description: Play during a battle: Change the attribute of your bakugan to any you are using in this game.

    Boil (green)
    description: play during a battle against a Haos or Aquos: You get the gate bonus one extra time as long as that gate bonus is not the highest one.

    gate cards (new only)

    Aranaut's Turf (gold)
    pyrus +100
    aquos +70
    subterra +20
    haos +200
    darkus +130 (highlighted)
    ventus +180
    description: The bakugan with the lowest printed g-power gets +50 for each point of power level.

    Hawktor's Turf (gold)
    pyrus +20
    aquos +130 (highlighted)
    subterra +100
    haos +180
    darkus +70
    ventus +200
    description: The bakugan with the lowest printed g-power gets +50 for each point of power level.

    Au Mountain (gold)
    pyrus +140
    aquos +270
    subterra +250
    haos +190 (highlighted)
    darkus +50
    ventus +120
    description: Silver & Copper gear can't be played.

    VR arena 3 (silver)
    pyrus +200
    aquos +50
    subterra +180
    haos +150
    darkus +150 (highlighted)
    ventus +130

    Silver Sword (silver)
    pyrus +0
    aquos +50
    subterra +100
    haos +200
    darkus +150 (highlighted)
    ventus +100
    description: Silver gear give their printed g-power an extra time.

    Strikeflier's Trick (bronze)
    pyrus +110
    aquos +0
    subterra +150 (highlighted)
    haos +50
    darkus +160
    ventus + 200
    description: The player with the fewest gate cards in their used pile gets the highlighted bonus, in addition to their regular gate bonus.

    The CU plateau (bronze)
    pyrus +150
    aquos +170
    subterra +0
    haos +80
    darkus +100 (highlighted)
    ventus +20
    description: Silver & gold gear can't be played.
    MY LAPTOP LIVES AGAIN! HURRAH! now to edit the post that was cobbled together so horrendously, and get back to other matters.
    pyrus helix dragonoid (740g)

    ability cards-
    dead calm (red)
    description: play before you roll: lower the power level to 0 until the start of your next turn.

    gate cards-
    fire reflection (bronze)
    pyrus +200
    aquos +40
    subterra +120 (highlighted)
    haos +80
    darkus +160
    ventus +0
    description: at the start of battle, bakugan swap printed g-powers.
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