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Sky Pirate
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  • With your help I would like to try and arrange an Xat session for constructive things. You should post it, talk about it, bring Olimar attention to it, as currently more Olimar's are much more familiar with you than me.

    I'm hoping that this week we could manage to get something achieved in terms of the Xat, and most likely(..in all actuality it's more like hopefully) bring something positive forward from the session. I was thinking this Thursday sometime, don't really know what's good for you. But I want the Olimar's on the East and West Coast to have access to it at times that are pretty convenient. I was thinking of a time like 9-10 P.M. EST as it'd be a good time all across the country.

    Before I think of even trying to start a discussion, I want to refine what I was thinking. I want to talk to another Olimar or a group of Olimars in an AIM session, or good ole Xat. With boards we tend to get sidetracked by the hubbub of what's going on in the world rather than trying to figure things out. So if I could sit and talk with you on AIM (I know Hilt's busy these days),or me and you could try to establish a good date for an Xat session with a few Oli's, that'd be perfect.
    Yeah, I beat the game this afternoon, the ending was ****ing terrible! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    I have yet to play PvZ, that game any good?

    We need to talk on AIM again soon!
    Highschool of the Dead. I'll get to that soon, I promise. Just been busy w/ Mass Effect 3's MP and Minecraft on my 360 as of lately. =P

    You have good taste when it comes to avatars, it seems.

    Btw, when's the next time you're free to talk on AIM?
    Yeah, dude, there's nothing but trolling there, because nobody cares about such a bad character! :p

    Thanks. ;)
    I still need to watch that show you recommended me...ME3's MP has totally consumed my life as of lately. :tytypoo:

    She's pretty btw.
    Just say the word.

    I got Minecraft for the 360 yesterday, great game! :bee: (I still need to beat Borderlands on my 360...)
    You just don't want to talk to me, that's it, isn't it!?!?!?1??

    *runs away crying*
    Gotta show them they are making a mistake. MK needs to be banned and I'll show everyone!!!!
    Don't forget that you can ignore users on this site so they can't send you VMs/PMs/see their post(s).
    Thanks for the insight. If I ever encounter a shiny Pokemon, I'll let you know!!! inb4myhandsstarttoviolentlyshakeduetoexcitement xD

    Sounds good, just VM me and I'll hop online.

    Haha, I love classes like that.
    Well that's probably because I haven't logged into AIM since the last time we spoke so those IMs were pending to be delivered/received on my end.

    And cool, did you end up capturing them? I bet that you were REALLY excited when you encountered them, huh?

    Let me know when you're on AIM btw!
    Have you ever encountered a shiny Pokemon before in the games? I have not. (Unless you count the default shiny red gyrados in gold/silver.)
    One of my dreams as a child was to own a shiny Charizard card. It never happened. :(
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