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Sky Pirate
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  • My home is still in Houston, but I've come up to Austin for school. I still go home to Houston every once in a while.
    Hey I don't actually do that! I just have a lot of subscriptions is all. And I bet you went to bed anyways ;)
    *shrug* I only did what you said I was doing :) Oh yea, and GO TO BED CLOVER ^_^ For once, I'm actually sleeping before 5 AM lol
    I don't know who this Xenosaga MOMO is, but unless she can warm my heart the way Momo does the she shall never be >!

    Call it what you want; if that's the case, I'll fap for the rest of my life :3
    I suggest you not bother with visiting #smash anymore since I came to the same conclusion as you did and decided to just stop going there permanently. It wasn't worth signing in to see if you were on only to get dragged into some random conversation.

    Still, we really should find a method to chat with each other more regularly. If only there was a system in place where people could relay messages to each other one on one in real time.
    Who is this CloverLeaf individual and why do I want to talk to him so much?

    He seems really cool and it would be great if he would reply!
    All you need is a sharp ear.
    DiC lost the broadcasting rights to SatAM years ago. All of the episodes are online on youtube. The very first episode alone makes it easy enough to see.
    You DO realize that Jaleel White (Urkel) voiced Sonic in all three Sonic cartoons in the 90s, right?
    We talking Antoine from SatAM, or Antoine from Archie? Archietoine is ****ing amazing.


    Escargo with margarine.
    Hey now, he ain't low tier!

    I'd definitely use a Baton Passing Ambipom. You can go Nasty Plot and/or Agility here, BP for the third move, and something like Last Resort for the final slot. Fake Out could be used in place of NP or Agility if you don't wanna run both.

    If you go with Agility, I'd definitely have Ursaring in your team. Give him Flame Orb and Guts, and he'll wreck some serious house for you.

    Dunsparce is also definitely worth considering. He's so incredibly annoying to fight and could be a nice niche in your team.
    I will try my best to predict the online habits of a person several states away. Using sheer telepathy. Or you could tell me!

    Also, who did you play? I namedropped a few Ikes but who exactly are we talking about?
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