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  • i look up to you as a Falco player and hope I can become somewhat close to how good you are. XD I've joined a SSBB tournament at my school and i hope i win with falco! :)
    I read your AIB profile and you said that you just got hell good by playing a lot of training mode.

    What sort of things did you practise in training mode?
    son how u do that chain grab where u through them down then side to the other side and get them, saw u do that v/s some CF, **** was slick, tell me yo
    Dude, you're an amazing Falco! I hope I can be as good as you are some day; maybe you can give me a few tips ;)
    what up sk92

    my names chris , from san diego

    we played at evo in semi finals (i was pit)

    good job winning and making those comebacks after killing yourself like 500 times haha

    im still learning brawl and i learned a lot playing you

    keep that **** up

    chris king
    brawl is a game about experience mostly like knowing what ur opponent will do next, we have the same play style actually just get more experience.
    Hey Kyle,

    This is Mike Hwang, aka. phxdragon54 from AzOneTwo (we played a double falco match). I was wondering if there was any useful strategies or techniques that you use to in your play you could help me with? I'll check out your matches on youtube to get a better idea. Thanks.
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