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Recent content by -Sinister-

  1. -Sinister-

    Toasted Ravs 5 Results

    :metaknight: - shout outs to everyone who likes meta knight. the rest of you guys suk.
  2. -Sinister-

    Columbia/Rolla/Mid-MO Discussion Thread

    anyone who wants to play melee/pm in como msg me
  3. -Sinister-

    [Feb 22, 2014] Toasted Ravs 3 (Saint Louis, Missouri)

    you're on. how about a fox did on FD?
  4. -Sinister-

    RoMo 11 Results

    wow dude you didn't even go you ***. anyway ggs everyone. fun tourney.
  5. -Sinister-

    STL BarWarz Spring Melee Tourney Results

    shoutouts- i hate everyone and paul it probably won't be my last tournament, but i don't really have much fun playing anymore and have (what i think is) carpal tunnel. so i won't be practicing ever and will probably go to even less tournaments than i do which is barely possible. so don't...
  6. -Sinister-

    Springfield, MO discussion thread

    oh and there's some good sets from the lawrence tourn getting upp'd soon. want me to post a link when they is up?
  7. -Sinister-

    Get HYPE! II Results Thread

    shinobi is uploading some today. i'll post a link
  8. -Sinister-

    Springfield, MO discussion thread

    look at the bracket image.
  9. -Sinister-

    Springfield, MO discussion thread

    http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=328292 wish you guys would've made it.
  10. -Sinister-

    Get HYPE! II Results Thread

    man dat shiz leads no whur. couple shoutouts (if i miss you it's cuz i hate you) Jace: we never play. probably good for me. JBM: i just can't win. MegaRobMan: congrats on 3rd. Dmac: i finally won a set. RFrizzle: beast for your first tournament. Strong Bad: tanks 4 hosting and gg...
  11. -Sinister-

    Springfield, MO discussion thread

    it depends on what character. if you just rush in and guess with sheik or marth you'll get *****. you can with fox and falco because they're broken as all **** and should be deleted.
  12. -Sinister-

    Springfield, MO discussion thread

    you scrub it took you this long to realize he's the best falcon? nubby nub scrub
  13. -Sinister-

    Springfield, MO discussion thread

    yeah he definitely did.
  14. -Sinister-

    Springfield, MO discussion thread

    terral been practicin it up?
  15. -Sinister-

    Springfield, MO discussion thread

    feel my paaaiiin
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