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Recent content by Shoyo James

  1. Shoyo James

    Atlantic North Ultimate Tournament at Hyperspace Gaming in Central NJ

    looks fun, interested in checking it out! however it starts pretty early and is on a school day, any reason for that? most weekday tournaments start around 5
  2. Shoyo James

    The NEW Guide To Spray Painting Your Gamecube Controller

    I've got a quick question. My controller came out very well thanks to this guide, but the controller is prone to getting banged up quite easily and dirty. It attracts a lot of fuzz and hair and it gets stuck on it, and if you press your nail on it at all it will definitely leave nail marks...
  3. Shoyo James


    I've got a quick question for you guys... Sometimes whenever I hammer spindash off ledge to continue my combos/whatever, I simply don't have a jump to save myself from SDing(or pursuing a follow-up). I HSD off of the GROUND, which means I should have my jump, right? I've SD'd so many times...
  4. Shoyo James

    E. Gadd's Gallery - Luigi Video and Critique thread

    Played in another local tourney last night and managed to grab 2nd place next to Nakat. Their tournament also has a few notable players too such as Keitaro, Blue, Moose, and Tokyo. When I first played Tokyo it was a very strange battle because I had no idea how to fight Ness. At all.... :(...
  5. Shoyo James

    E. Gadd's Gallery - Luigi Video and Critique thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qyu0Su_u1E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfcsA2ORKbA Winners and Grand Finals of me and Boss. I feel like I made plenty of mistakes and would love some critiques and such!
  6. Shoyo James

    Social Luigi's Social Mansion

    I'm so glad you showed me quick missile. That missile probably led me to victory against Boss because it avoided so many of the gimps he attempted or simply stopped them in their tracks.
  7. Shoyo James

    Social Luigi's Social Mansion

    overall had a very interesting and fun weekend managed to place 4th at the Arcadian/acadian idk what its called Xanadu last saturday! it was out of 96 people and I went all Luigi. Then at my locals Boss and one of his friends showed up and I... managed to beat him 3-0 in winners finals and 3-1...
  8. Shoyo James

    Data Luigi Match-up Discussion Thread

    Any advice on the Bowser JR matchup? Tournament today with the potential to go against Tweek again. Our matches were close but his reads and uair strings too good. How does Luigi safely come back down with such horrible floatyness and speed? :(
  9. Shoyo James

    Official The Lean Mean Green Machine - Luigi Gameplay Discussion

    Is it okay discussing custom moves here? It's not about which sets should be on the customs list, but on how to use them... I have trouble understand why people think Luigi's ice fireballs are great. How do you follow up on them? Whenever I land one, they just fling into the air encased in ice...
  10. Shoyo James

    Dthrow>Cyclone Video

    I've found out if you're going for a kill, that fullhopping will always be your best bet. Anything under 80% or so, you can short hop. If you short hop over 80% you'll definitely be punished, or at least be very vulnerable.
  11. Shoyo James

    Social Luigi's Social Mansion

    Thanks. Gotta keep Luigi true to the Thunderhand.
  12. Shoyo James

    Social Luigi's Social Mansion

    Yeah it felt pretty bad compared to Brawl, but I got used to it. You have to mash a lot more to recover better with the tornado, and I usually do it at the exact start of my second jump. If I use the tornado for recovering, I just jump then tornado as fast as I can, mashing B the instant I can...
  13. Shoyo James

    Luigi Skype Group

  14. Shoyo James

    Social Luigi's Social Mansion

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXlv1GGR-6c&index=7&list=PL-uY5O4SqwMUnY9Pk1lyzUYQuR5XyS7Ui Here is the Winners Finals video, I land one taunt spike here (and a normal one :v) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYcTfaKNTnU&index=6&list=PL-uY5O4SqwMUnY9Pk1lyzUYQuR5XyS7Ui This is just semi finals or...
  15. Shoyo James

    Luigi's perfect pivot is 5.5

    Perfect pivoting after shielding any attacks is great because it actually puts you back at range to punish them because Luigi's slippery-ness pushes him so far back.
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