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  • ... so I wanted to see the stats of the mandatory legendary dragon capture and saw it was a fast special attacker then I tried to search infos about Hidden Power to fit it.

    ... then I learned that Hidden Power has been cut.
    And so many moves.
    ... and actually every mon not in the regional dex. This is the reverse of what Smash Ultimate made its pride about. Disappointing. The series finally fell to feature creep. This is a preview of how many cuts will make people upset in the next Smash.

    (Also while reading articles about this controversy I learned that Corsola has a new form and I was right about Mr. Mime having an evolution, now I need to know how to get it, but I was wrong about Jynx. And apparently Cofagrigus doesn't have a new form?! I guess it's to contrast with the new Linoone and Mr. Mime having an evolution but not the regular forms)
    Now you know how it feels like when a new Mega Man game takes away features from a prior one.

    At least with Smash fans expect to have characters, modes and features removed come the next game (and most basically expect like, only 20-ish characters next time), and even Sakurai explicitly said it might not be possible to bring everyone back a second time. Pokémon fans are not prepared in the slightest for this, at all, they've been spoiled for long enough that the possibility didn't occur to them. Mega Evos and Z-Moves not being kept were red flags.
    I won't lie by saying I enjoyed my adventure but I think if I followed prerelease news of this generation I would not have bought it. The graphics weren't great but I didn't mind it too much (although seeing things like Pelipper pop out from the ground felt shocking, at least for Diggersby it makes sense), but the Dexit and the removal of important moves like Pursuit feel like a huge step backward especially given that the graphics didn't improve as well as what could have been expected. No Blaziken vs soccer rabbit battle (dunno its English name), guess I understand why the final starters are single typed (grass and fire at least, dunno about the water) since they can't coexist with other starters even in theory through trades and transfers. No Volcarona vs fire centipede. No Dragonite vs the new ghost dragon. No Palkia vs the reactor legendary. No Mewtwo vs Zacian. No Dynamax Celesteela or Alolan Exeggutor. And so on. It removes the sense of unity that existed prior and made all gens feel connected.

    Also obscure evolution requirements for a large proportion of new mons is not ok. This annoying trend started with gen 6 and should stop. Yeah it's not new (looking at you Feebas) but when there's more of them in both relative and absolute terms it becomes unacceptable because it's a disincentive to try new mons by fear of loosing your time. I looked at the evolution requirements for the new Yamask and Farfetch'd and it's absolutely bonkers.

    I also checked how to get Gigantomax (what I called "specific giant forms") and it's not like Mega Evolutions for which any member of the species can change, only specific individials can do it.

    Also there's no GTS. Really?

    Basically my enjoyment of the game came from discoveries and surprises as I'm playing. Also I liked the music. But I feel like Pokémon has become a yearly low-effort cash grab that simply relies on it being the biggest media franchise ever, so for the next generation at least I'm not doing that blind discovery again. And again Dexit suuucks. Why learn about a Poison/Fairy if I will never be able to destroy some Mega Sceptile with it?
    I found Butterfree's new giant form after finding another giant Butterfree that only changed size. Unfortunately it broke free from my Poké Ball unlike every other wild giant Pokémon I managed to defeat. I also found the specific giant form of the fully evolved Dark/Fairy after catching the giant regular form. This leads me to believe some Pokémon can change their appearance when giant but only given some specific conditions, and I'm disappointed to not see the specific giant forms of the fully evolved starters.

    The battle at the top of the huge tower was amazing. The music was great and the end was so surprising. The opponent sends feminine-looking Pokémon from previous generations so I expected her final Pokémon to be another feminine-looking one from gen 8 such as the Jynx evolution I theorized prior but NOOOOO she sends a freaking GARBODOR xD this is so awesome because it's not just subversive it also fits the plot that's about an incoming environmental disaster if the energy that makes Pokémon go giant is abusively (or at all?) used for industrial purposes. It's refreshing to see this region's threat not being caused by some criminal group that's hiding in shadows.

    Oh and I hope Wailord has a specific giant form too ahah.
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    I've battled at least 3 Gigantamax Butterfree so far. Every single one has broken out with one shake or less.
    Just found Mr. Mime's new regional form. Interestingly it lost its Fairy type, being Ice and Psychic.
    … calling it now: Jynx has a new regional form that is Ice and Fairy and is exclusive to Shield with Mr. Mime being exclusive to Sword, and also them having each a new evolution only accessible to these new regional forms. There's an empty space between Mr. Mime and Darumaka in the Pokédex so ot would make sense, unless there's a standalone mon in this slot.
    I found Darumaka's new form in a trainer battle so I registered it in the Pokédex, it's not version exclusive actually I just missed it. Also the ice caterpillar knew only two moves when I caught it and has super weak stats so I'm now doubtful that it's a Larvesta counterpart. Their French names was part of why I imagined them as counterparts tbh.

    Also a Linoone evolution in a Dark gym without giant forms. Talk about surprises. I'm really glad I avoided spoilers because this generation is full of surprises. And I'm now wondering whether Meowth's new evolution has yet another evolution, it would make sense because there's an empty space in the Pokédex between it and the next family (the cake's pre-evolved form).
    Finally fully evolved by starter! It's a soccer player and I love it.

    The Fairy gym AHAHAHAH the giant cake Pokémon. Good job Game Freak, good job. Machamp and the fire centipede changed their design when in giant form but this one is much more drastic.

    The new Meowth's evolution is… not Persian?! Okay. It strongly suggests that the bird with a leek sword and shield was indeed the evolution of Farfetch'd regional form.

    I also found a Bug/Ice mon, it's a nice reference to that real life jelly-lie caterpillar and that's great. I suspect it to be Larvesta's counterpart, except it's a new species and not a regional form. I saw Darumaka's new form and I suspect they're version exclusive counterparts evolving with an Ice Stone as I haven't seen a catchable Darumaka yet.

    Also that pelican when it uses Dive… it catches that new pike Pokémon and even PIKACHU?! Okay, preadtor-prey interactions are canon, but we finally get to see it for real now.
    Yeah, I evolved Koffing into Weezing's new regional form! It looks like what I remembered. *looks at the tipe* Poison/FAIRY WHAAAT?!! I thought it was based on a pollution-emitting coal power plant so I expected it to be part Fire type but nope, it's instead an air depolluter and they thought it justified a Fairy type. Okay.

    Also disappointed Yamask didn't evolve at level 35, which is I believe the level at which the regular form evolves. Probably has some obscure additional requirement (or maybe needs a stone I don't have)
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    Apparently, evolving Galarian Yamask is a battle of attrition; it needs to be at less than half-health. That's...specific.
    It needs to have taken at least 49 damage to be exact. Then take to to a specific section of the wild area and it will evolve automatically. Easy to do with a focus sash.
    Oh wait, I'm now in the fighting gym and I just realized that what I believed to be Farfetch'd new regional form is in fact a completely new Pokémon! I wonder if it's a cross-generational evolution or if it's unrelated.
    When in overworld I thought I found a shiny Yamask when it fact it was just its new regional form. Anyway I'm surprised they went as far as gen 5 for new regional forms (that and Stunfisk). I swear if they show a new regional form for a gen 7 Pokémon I'm gonna be both amazed and laughing very hard at the same time.

    Also surprised to see that Koffing doesn't have a new regional form as I believe I accidentally saw a new form for Weezing during pre-release, I suppose it's like Alolan Marowak whose pre-evolution doesn't have its own regional form, so I'm training a Koffing hoping it will evolve into the Weezing I believe I saw. But considering I used to believe Farfetch'd new form had a leek shield and a leek sword it shows how unreliable vague memories are.

    Oh and by the way, the new Fire/Bug looks super amazing when in giant form in the Fire gym. Looks like a chinese dragon.
    Meowth's new form 1) looks really weird 2) a Pokémon with the luxury of having regional forms for multiple regions 3) I downloaded the mystery gift which was a regular Meowth so I assumed there was no new regional form for Meowth = huge surprise when I found it.

    Finally got my first evolutions, the starter and the regional bird. Now I can definitely confirm that the big scary bird was not a new Honchkrow form. I prefer the starter's base form but we'll see how the final evolution torusn out to be (hoping it won't be Fire/Fighting ahah).

    Also I suppose Jigglypuff's Final Smash is canon now.

    (btw I don't read your comments as I want to discover the new generation by playing the game, this is a personal backlog to give my impressions)
    I had trouble catching a level 14 Oddish (the highest level of my team was 11), seems like livel difference affects catch rate now. It really looks like it was designed with this in mind. This only half surprises me as I heard this Pokémon game changed the classic Pokémon formula quite a bit.

    Also I found a huge black bird. Not sure if it's a brand new Pokémon or Honchkrow's new regional form ahah.
    That huge black bird is Corviknight. It's most likely way too high level to catch, but you can evolve one through level up with Rookidee or Corvisquire
    Okay I found a large field with only old gen mons so far. The "mostly new mons" trend doesn't seem to be confirmed. Also you give me wild mons that evolves at level 40 like Glalie so early in the game seriously what the heck (it reminds me of Xenoblade Chronicles where you can find monsters at late 80 levels very early in the game)
    Great! I found the new regional form for Zigzagoon! I was spoiled a few new regional forms but they were only for gen 1 Pokémon so I expected new regional forms to only be gen 1 Pokémon again and I'm pleasantly surprised to see they go beyond that this time!

    Also no more random encounters! Except in places where it makes sense like in that misty forest wich is a nice touch. So far I only encountered one old-gen Pokémon without a new regional form (Purrloin) so I hope the new/old ratio is more like Ruby/Sapphire rather than X/Y but I'll see myself if the trend is confirmed as I play through the game.

    Great impression so far. Also I took the fire rabbit starter.
    I'm torn between Scorbunny and Sobble. I love Sobble's final evo's design and theme, but Scorbunny has a 150 BP physical move with a chance to burn, and has a new hidden ability that functions like Protean.
    I got my copy of Pokémon Sword! Time to discover another generation almost spoiler free!

    … almost. I got leaked a few things like Farfetch'd new form which is awesome and I already want to be the (inevitable?) gen 8 rep for Smash Ultimate DLC.
    I find hilarious in hindsight that Smash 4 DLC characters got no custom moves yet the new Smash Ultimate character has like 20 unique special moves.
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    The idea that every move in Hero's Down Special was a custom move stolen from a Smash 4 DLC character is my new favorite headcanon.
    Another generation of Pokémon very likely to be announced. Welcome back, Poké Bunker. (I other words, I'm gonna avoid Nintendo social media to discover gen VIII mostly spoiler-free.)
    Really didn't expect a Smash announcement at Game Awards, so I learned about Joker with a Google search which was kinda underwhelming. If I knew there would be a Smash reveal I would have tried to stay awake.
    Just checked SmashWiki (since apparently all the Spirits have been datamined) and Piranha Plant is not a Spirit. Maybe we might think Spirits were deliberately chosen to avoid putting future DLC characters and lower our expectations for characters who already are Spirits.
    I can't believe this game's Mewtwo is a friggin' Piranha Plant. On the other hand I won my bet.
    Hey, looks like more stages may be coming after all. I'll wait until a new specific stage is shown, but I'm mentally prepared to change my avatar for Bubsy and co.
    I boldly predict we will get no more than two more characters with one Echo of a character between Palutena and Cloud plus one regular newcomer and if I'm wrong I'm gonna change my avatar to Rate Their Chances joke characters just like with my no more stages bet.
    I currently don't have my computer so I'll have low activity on Smashboards and not participate in Rate Their Chances for some time.
    Hope things work out on the tech front. You always have some of the best contributions to the thread.
    I think we've seen all multiplayer stages (except from the stage builder) and that Sakurai was quite explicit about it and if I'm wrong I'm going to change my avatar to a representation of infamous joke characters from Rate Their Chances until the end of the year.
    Pokémon Let's Go games are spin-offs, so I shouldn't have reduced my Mimikyu chance rating from my original 40% to 32% in RTC in hindsight
    Got to play some Super Mario Odyssey. Super fun! And I love that the intro includes the SMB1 Airship theme of Super Mario Maker!
    TFW the next battle competition for Pokémon Sun and Moon is -yet another- VGC 2017 competition...
    Everyone is getting a Nintendo Switch to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and I'm sitting here playing the Wii U version.
    Get on my level scrub, poor Wii owners master race.
    The countdown is over! Time to discover a new generation of Pokémon almost spoiler free!
    You mean no gyms? I liked it. I always wanted to fight some kind of boss wild Pokémon asides from legendaries. The totem battles were awesome (asides from the last one which I found somewhat easy compared to the rest).
    I've started posting my review of gen 7 Pokémon in the SM thread in Poké Center, for now I've only done the starters. I won't do the rest in only one post.
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    Just read your review, and it seems fair.
    Fun fact, Decidueye, Incineroar and Primarina got leaked in a concept art months before they were revealed, and people were so confident about them being fake.
    Pokémon Sun and Moon will be talked about at E3... looks like I'll have to visit specialized Zelda websites and nothing else for my E3 news.
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