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  • thats not compared to other people. use your tax return? i have like 5 bucks in my savings atm, but after i get my tax return im gonna have like 2,000 lol.
    all those are songs on the cd... the bends lol....

    but yea, get a ps3 and armored core 5. i know you got a job :D
    Oh and high and dry is one of my most favorite radiohead songs ever <3

    (it my ringtone for jeremy lmao)
    get Kid A / In Rainbows next

    after that.. listen to OK Computer again

    do you have aim?
    Radiohead - Kid A
    Radiohead - OK Computer
    Radiohead - In Rainbows
    Radiohead - The Bends
    Radiohead - Amnesiac
    Radiohead - Hail to the Thief
    Don't forget about me!
    You can text/call me at 832-513-9573 anytime tomorrow.

    Thanks for picking me up, man.
    I really appreciate it.
    Alright, I think I got a ride back to my place.
    We're good for 12.

    How much do you want for gas money?
    Hey dude, is there any chance I could get a ride to Sync's this weekend?
    I can pay gas money.
    No we kinda did something else on Valentine's day lol. But alright I'll call them tomorrow.
    Kilik, what was that place you told me about that sold gently used laptops for under $100? Can you link me?
    You're picking up Wolf just to deal with Diska's Snake? xD But what about Razer? He's been around for a long time, and you never considered using Wolf against him? Well good luck to you anyway - Wolf can probably kill a bit sooner than Sheik but you're good at racking up the damage with her.

    Something that may help you is to use Snake for awhile (not in tourney yet lol). But just to practice with him. You might get a better feel of how he works, though he's not someone that one can just pick up and use. I think it was last year or the year before, I used Snake for a long time, and it helped me become more comfortable with the matchup. After I stopped using him, I got worse at the matchup, but now I'm okay again.
    Thing is, your opponent will know - from the instant that you turn to Zelda, that you just want the kill. Don't fish for the kill, particularly her upsmash. The move, while it's a great shield poke, will result in you being punished if they shield all the hits and you're in enough cooldown for them to follow up with something.

    Upsmash is great for punishing a well read air dodge, because of the multi-hits. Up tilt is alright for punishing landings because she arcs it all around her. Also if your opponent is at above 95 damage, there's a good chance that down tilt will pop them up (unless down tilt causes them to trip, in which case you can down smash right after). Popping them up from down tilt is a guaranteed upsmash/up tilt for you to follow up with. If they are at REALLY high percents, down tilt will pop them up too high - you could try an up air, but it's more avoidable for them.

    If you think they'll get up from the ledge you can try to space a fsmash. There are also ways in which to get a guaranteed lightning kick, but that's more complex, particularly with learning how to nair cancel with Zelda, which I can show you sometime if you would like

    Yeah, Zelda can definitely help Sheik net those kills, especially because your moves will be fresh after you transform, and she has plenty of kill options. Just a matter of finding the right time to transform. Either when you knock your opponent offstage, or when you get knocked off stage yourself, try a transform jump, like i do with Nayru's Love jump. Except with down b instead of b (btw Sheik can do a needle jump similar in the way I do Nayru's Love Jump).
    Can u pick prescott at the Houston station by around 4:30-5:00?
    And text him ur number, he says he mite not have it...
    yea i know. but this pic just really scares me cause it looks exactly what my friend is gonna look like when hes that old. it freaked me out lol
    DJ Shadow - Endtroducing
    Massive Attack - Mezzanine
    Portishead - Dummy
    Tricky - Maxinquaye

    all these albums are godlike
    Idk prolly won't be for a little while. Veronicas gonna graduate in may. and she wants to get some work exp down here before we try to move up to Austin. So for right now, I think were gonna try and get our own apartment down here again. Just so we can have some privacy and our own space again lol.
    Ah ok. Well you do what you gotta do man. Whataburger ain't so bad, as long as you work with cool people. And you get paid every week, so that's a plus. How are you and you gf doing?
    Dang that sucks :/

    But at least you have a job now right? Where you working at now?
    Starbucks :)? Lol
    You were ****ing an hour and a half late, dude.

    I tried contacting you through text / call and you didn't answer.
    I was really upset, but it's fine - next time PLEASE tell me in advance...I was really looking forward to going / doing the rap / everything... seriously.

    I mean I appreciate you giving me rides and stuff, but I planned my day around you picking me up...you get what I'm saying?
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