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  • tant might not go, that means EE might not go :(

    if we team, ill probably go DK if u go sonic. for kirby, ill use lucario (azen and chu work it xD). unless we play like a bad matchup for either my lucario or DK; then ill switch.
    Kirby is a good option. ROB vs Kirby is pretty much even. Chu (obviously) and HAT usually beat me with Kirby.
    ROB is just one of the characters that you reeeeally need a secondary for, but if you really wanna try to beat ROB with Sonic I guess I could try to help.

    The big thing is that you have to completely change your method of approach. Projectile spam and ROB's dtilt just completely destroy spindash approaches. Just gotta find a way to put ROB in the air and keep him there. ROB is easy to juggle.
    yeah, i did. i was really young, though. how is college?
    oh, and IT'S SNOWING!
    Yes it is?!


    1 Alpha Zealot : $144.00 - Diddy Kong
    2 Quivo : $72.00 - Toon Link
    3 Asdioh : $24.00 - Kirby
    4 Beegs
    5 Capem - Meta Knight
    5 Nope - Snake
    7 Champ -
    7 Glov - Wolf
    9 Pdiamond - D3, Kirby
    9 Lou - G&W
    9 Fonz - Lucario
    9 Drunky Kick
    13 StainGrey
    13 T-800 - Meta Knight, ROB, G&W, Captain Falcon
    13 King Yoshi
    13 Keist - Meta Knight, Kirby, Ike
    17 Virt - Olimar
    17 Eidioh
    17 McFly - Mario
    17 Baro -
    17 Mars
    17 Matt
    17 Hence - ZSamus, Shiek, Zelda
    17 Schwa - Marth

    I can with relative ease (well mostly), besides whats the point in having a character but not playing as them. Even though its hard one could learn to master it on wifi with some tries, its just friendlies so wins and loses mean nothing. Its just for the fun of facing friends, am I right?
    I like Sonic but I like Lucas more, I have always liked the Earthbound kids. What I liked even more was their psychic powers ^_^
    Its still epic! Not many people have it though, I saw you on Allisbrawl. SM5 said that you were another Sonic main in Maryland.
    Yeah, my friend Lawz is going to give me a ride. There's a slight chance that we can't go, but it's almost a sure thing.

    Hope you get a ride :D

    We gonna rep Sonic in Maryland. Chu Dat, Lobos, and some others know about mine. EVERYONE knows about yours. Only one more year, and i am out of school. Make sure to learn something here.
    everyone here knows you are teh Sonic of Maryland. I have been trying to find tourneys i can get to, but no luck... >.>
    haha, screw you

    btw, ajb ***** me xD like against Deez, i always felt i had some type of control but against ajb... NANERZ! maybe it was wifi, or maybe not, but that guy is good! i need to play better against nanerz o.o

    ooo, and ive been ****** ROBs lately (wifi and RL :D), so imma try to end Jcaeser's lucario ****** record at chu's if i get a ride. :p u going?
    I wouldn't say Mid tier for a few reasons

    I will give him top of the low tier at most

    he has a few flaws for example no jumping out of shied, no third jump and low priority, low KO power, no range and thats about it.
    Hell yeah I rep Yoshi cuz I am the only yoshi main in MD/VA


    The best I have placed so far is 9th :(

    By using a low tier you meet a lot of people believe me

    also do lots of low tier MM u will win I always do first person you should low tier MM is chillin for a few bux I beat him for a dollar before his low tiers arn't so good.
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