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  • Just got rekt by you (besides 1 match, moral victory yeeeee) multiple times on 3DS For Glory, went by the name of JR. Just wanted to ask if you think there's anything I could've done better with my Fox or Luigi besides "dun get hoo hah'd" or "stop running into the gyro". It's nice to get an ass whooping here and there, it's a good learning experience. Anyway, GGs man, thanks.
    Oh yeah, JR with stars right? GGs, though I mostly remember the name and not the matches. I'm down to run some more sets some time. :)
    Yo I just fought you on for glory, i was pink falcon. i recongized yer name from brawl. Not sure if you remember me i was a snake main.
    I actually looked up Jakobeez because you knew what you were doing and saw it was you, and recognized the name from the Friendcodes days. Lolol, good times.
    Haha good times, I only caught Dragoom in the game and thought your name sounded so familiar and i remembered how good Dragoomba was so i put two and two together and found you here. We should play again soon 5043-1971-7020 Jakobeez
    Indeed. 2466-3569-6563
    yo dude we ended up playing a lot of diddy vs falcon on for glory lmao good games
    Lol, to be fair it's Diddy vs Falcon. Diddy is way too ridiculous in this game.

    Also I was wondering if this was the same CAST Victra, and it is. Badass. I'm actually a part of the Pacific Northwest Smash/Fighting Game Scene. :D
    whoa you remember CAST? holy smokes that was ages ago, were you at one of them?
    Nah, I never went, but I remember SilentWolf and Eggz going, lol.
    Pretty much. That and I guess I didn't really have an urge to play against other people too much.
    I was doing a semester of national student exchange ^_^ I just wanted to visit the EC for a little and zest up my life ya know?
    Yeah. I was good but never had that competitive thing going on so I just kinda quit.
    Track starts in the spring. Uh.. last time I played was just for lulz and it was about a month ago. And I used to play melee and was pretty good at it but never played competitively. Haven't played it in a long time.
    Yeah. Last time I checked we didn't even have a semi- regional classification list. And I might get in to smash again. It's been forever since I've played though.
    Nice! I don't really stomp here that much but I think I'll be returning to texture hacking. I'm mostly a TO but I used to do some hacking on the side. Hence the purple title
    Yep. I still do track. Still livin' in Buhl. Last year though. Then I'm going to CSI for my basics.
    Lol nothing.
    I'm just so confused w/ your thoughts on this game. But they're obviously enough to keep you around it xD
    So, it's cool w/ me sop men.
    Thank you, good chap.

    You have the awesomest sleeping schedule. No lies. No meatriding intended.
    Cool beans man. I'm not sure of the track schedule (We have a meet in Kimberly on the 26th) but I believe that we may go to Jerome next month.
    Ah. I'm 16. Junior at BHS. youngest in my class I believe. You?

    And I do Discus and Shot put, the fat man Track events.
    naw, underage and schools been a drag. I have track practice after school Monday through Friday and weekends I tend to repose.
    Jerome? Ah.

    Yep. We have two water towers now though.

    And I know the smash scene in Idaho is up near the Mountain Home area. That's as close as it gets.
    Yep. Buhl, Idaho. Where men are men and sheep are scared.

    What about you? Twin Falls? Burley? Rupert?

    EDIT- Castleford? Population 8 and a quarter? Filer?

    EDIT- Just figured out what you meant. I'm on the outskirts, about 2 miles out.
    dragoombas fat
    XD Connor was here
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